Here it is! My September Weight and Body Fat Result

From the start of September, i’m dreaming of this month’s end result and what it would be. Moreover, i was thinking, will I be bringing in success? Or the opposite. And if failure will it discourage me? Turns out failure isn’t such a bad thing if you’re honest enough to know where your mistake lies.Continue reading “Here it is! My September Weight and Body Fat Result”

September 3rd Week Update

Hello friends! Presenting to you my September week 3 update. Not making excuses but yesterday i was at the hospital because my brother got dengue fever since Monday. My smart scale was not around so i wasn’t able to write an update yesterday. My goal weight for the end of September is 55 kilos andContinue reading “September 3rd Week Update”

September 2nd Week Update

The 2nd week of September is complete. Are you ready for the progress? Lol. Here it is. What I did this week for exercise: This week is my menstrual cycle week and i decided to mellow down my exercise by having only 3 HIITs, a gym session which I did just yesterday and some easyContinue reading “September 2nd Week Update”

How I started my Ketogenic Diet

I read about bulletproof coffee–you know, the coffee with butter? Haven’t heard of it? Well, you haven’t google enough diet related stuff on the internet. The idea of this coffee is to stimulate metabolism with caffeine and increase your fat intake so you can come into ketogenic state which is the goal of a ketogenicContinue reading “How I started my Ketogenic Diet”

My Energy Level while on Keto

I remember my first 2 weeks on a ketogenic diet. The exercise I did was just 30-60 minute easy walk. It was all restorative and hatha yoga and I was scared to lift weights. And on the 3rd week when my body fat percentage never decreased and my muscle mass were starting to melt away,Continue reading “My Energy Level while on Keto”

How My Intermittent Fast and Keto Diet, Held up with Travelling

It was a really short and compact weekend getaway to Siargao. No time was wasted and all activity had to be planned out. Am on a keto diet and proud! Lost 8 kilos since August 1. Then on September 2 I started intermittent fast 16/8 and my body fat dropped relatively faster compared to whenContinue reading “How My Intermittent Fast and Keto Diet, Held up with Travelling”

September 1st Week Update

We have completed the 1st week of September. Let’s see how everything went! What I did this week for exercise: I was not able to follow my resistance training because was surfing in Siargao! 🙂 I did however was able to do my Monday and Tuesday morning workout which was a HIIT and yoga repectively.Continue reading “September 1st Week Update”

My September Beginning Data on Weight, Body fat and more

Because am excited to celebrate my success and willing to accept the consequences of failure whichever will come, I will share my beginning data for September 1, 2017. Here it is. In October 1, will see if I hit my goal which is: 55 kilo 25% body fat Again am doing keto diet, and intermittentContinue reading “My September Beginning Data on Weight, Body fat and more”

Starting Intermittent Fast

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it’s a schedule of when to eat and not to eat. They call it fasting windows and re-feeding/feeding windows. I am doing this for the month of September to crush my weight plateau and to aid me in hitting my ultimate weight goal, 55 kilos.  How I do itContinue reading “Starting Intermittent Fast”