My First Entry

This is my first post and am excited but at the same time containing it. I have had so many wordpress site (i even deleted some of them) with a well picked theme, some even with a paid theme, then when the (my)excitement or interest wears off, i abandoned them.

Not cool i know. Some say it speaks a lot about me. So be it. But hopefully this time around i’d make something last.

And I decided to be select a few reminders to help me keep going.

Here they are:

  • Contain the excitement. Or perhaps a better way of saying it would be “delay the gratification”–is it? I get excited creating a beautiful site. But after i finished tweaking the site into perfection (design wise) I get bored. What’s the next step? Find a good post to write? Sure. But then i’d be conscious of how people would like it and writing would become hard and then i’d stop writing all together. Not cool. I know. So i decided to stop obsessing over how the site looks and just write. That’s it.
  • Focus on the topic. This site is intended for all my fitness progress, diet and the likes. So i will try my very best to focus on just that. No need for brilliantly edited photos, just the updates and data will do. This site is also used to track my own progress and serves as my motivation, in case my fitness journey gets boring.
  • Regular writing schedule. Establish a writing schedule that is easy to follow, like an update weekly and one summary post a month. Yes, will start with that.

That’s all i think. Wish me luck 🙂


Published by joanniemaryc

Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Fitness Coach

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