My September Beginning Data on Weight, Body fat and more

Because am excited to celebrate my success and willing to accept the consequences of failure whichever will come, I will share my beginning data for September 1, 2017.

Here it is.


In October 1, will see if I hit my goal which is:
55 kilo
25% body fat

Again am doing keto diet, and intermittent fasting 16/8. And in the weekend expect me to eat more carbs because I crave for cooked bananas. Yes, cheat days on keto diet do not help, but, I tried not eating cooked/fried bananas in the weekend and I ended up eating more unhealthy stuff! So I decided to just eat bananas in Saturday, monitor my weight the following day.

Good luck to everyone’s health goals!

If you have some tips to share, feel free to comment it down below! 🙂

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Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Fitness Coach

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