September 1st Week Update

We have completed the 1st week of September. Let’s see how everything went!

What I did this week for exercise:

I was not able to follow my resistance training because was surfing in Siargao! 🙂 I did however was able to do my Monday and Tuesday morning workout which was a HIIT and yoga repectively. And in the evening of those days, I was able to train my chest, back, shoulders and abs.

But my Wednesday, Thursday & Friday workouts were nada!

How was my diet this week?

I was able to keep my calorie count low. But, I was not able to eat greens as much as I wanted to. My keto dietdiet was okay. I hit my macros in dietary fat. But since I was craving for just a hint of carbs, I ate bananas!!! Because there was just no green leafy veges around.

My intermittent fast?

I aced this! Hahhaha. Everyday I was able to eat my first meal 12 noon (except for yesterday, I unconsciosly snacked on quail wing) and  have the last meal at no further than 7pm.

Having said that, here is my September week 1 update.


I use InnovWeight Smart Scale. It’s doesn’t cost much. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.

In my previous post, you can check my September 1 update and it goes with:

Weight : 60.2 kilo

Body Fat (%): 33.1%

Therefore: I lost 0.1 kilo of weight (hahhaha) and dropped my body fat (%) by 0.6%.

Atleast I didn’t gain weight. But, I could have done better.

If you have tips, kindly comment them down below and please go ahead on liking, sharing and subscribing! 🙂

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