September 2nd Week Update

The 2nd week of September is complete. Are you ready for the progress? Lol. Here it is.

What I did this week for exercise:

This week is my menstrual cycle week and i decided to mellow down my exercise by having only 3 HIITs, a gym session which I did just yesterday and some easy yoga and handstand drills.

How was my diet this week?

Great! I think. I was able to follow my macros and my carbohydrates max for 5 straight days.

My intermittent fast?

Aced it. I think this is the easiest to follow.

Having said that, here is my September week 2 update.


I use InnovWeight Smart Scale. It’s doesn’t cost much. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.


This is what my trend looks like.:

From 60.1 kilos down to 58.5 kilos. And From 32.5% Body fat to 29.4%. You can verify the previous data here.

Therefore: I lost 1.6 kilo of weight (hahhaha) and dropped my body fat (%) by 3.1%.

Next week will do try my very best to follow my September Exercise Plan and see how it goes. 🙂

If you have tips, kindly comment them down below and please go ahead on liking, sharing and subscribing! 🙂


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