September 3rd Week Update

Hello friends! Presenting to you my September week 3 update. Not making excuses but yesterday i was at the hospital because my brother got dengue fever since Monday. My smart scale was not around so i wasn’t able to write an update yesterday.

My goal weight for the end of September is 55 kilos and body fat percentage goal of 25%. 🙂

What I did this week for exercise:

I did HIIT for straight 5 days (Monday -Friday). And i did some weight training on Monday and Tuesday.

How was my diet this week?

I could have done better. I was at the hospital most of the time, and i slept at the hospital too! And this, made me feel hungry. My olive oils, buttered coffee were out of reach and so i just grabbed a cup of regular coffee which had some sugar! My mom came in at lunch and dinner and made sure i got lettuce with olive oil and meat which was a lifesaver.

My intermittent fast?

Average. I couldn’t get a decent 8 hours of straight sleep at the hospital with all the nurses coming in to check on my brother on an almost hourly basis. It made me feel tired in the morning and begging for food right away. So the moment i opened my eyes, i’d grab a cup of coffee and then some Buamera health juice which kept my body at it’s peak. The coffee is premixed with cream and sugar. No! But the Buamera juice got stevia as a sweetener which was great news! 🙂

Having said that, here is my September week 3 update.


I use InnovWeight Smart Scale. It’s doesn’t cost much. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.

This is what my trend looks like.:

From 58.5 kilos last week, am still 58.5 kilos! And From body fat of 29.4% it went down to 28.8%. You can verify the previous data here.

Therefore: I lost 0 weight (damn it) and dropped my body fat (%) by .6%.

Like a broken record, i was not able to follow my September Exercise Plan. 

But, i got a plan! I finally decided to have a fitness instructor for 1 month! Our session will start this coming Monday. Yey!

If you have tips, kindly comment them down below and please go ahead on liking, sharing and subscribing! 🙂






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