Here it is! My September Weight and Body Fat Result

From the start of September, i’m dreaming of this month’s end result and what it would be. Moreover, i was thinking, will I be bringing in success? Or the opposite. And if failure will it discourage me?

Turns out failure isn’t such a bad thing if you’re honest enough to know where your mistake lies. And i think i knew mine.

So without further chatter, here is my September weight and body Fat result.

October 1

I use InnovWeight Smart Scale. It’s doesn’t cost much. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.

  • So my current weight is 56.8 kilos which is 1.8 kilos more than my goal weight of 55 kilos.  Therefore did not hit my goal weight.
  • My Body fat percentage is 28% which is 3% excess than the goal percentage of 25%. Therefore did not hit my goal body fat percentage too!

Here is my beginning date.


  • Therefore i just lost 3.4 kilos. (60.2 kilos down to 56.8 kilos)
  • I lost 5.1% body fat percentage. (33.1% down to 28%)

So i did not hit my goal! HAHAHAH! Well, like what they say, either you win or you learn. And i learned, i hope. But before we dive in to what i think i should have and should not have done, let’s have a look at my my body fat and weight trend in the entire 30 days.

If you’re curious as to what i did to have that sudden drop of body fat, i gotta to say, i have no idea. This was right after we arrived from our Siargao travel. I was able to follow keto and intermittent fast with slightly higher calories since i ate more meat and more fat because i was hungry most of the time. We also did 1 hour surfing  each day for 2 days.

With this trend you can see why am not very upset. Didn’t get my goal but it’s a good progress. I think. Is it? Lol.

Here is what i learned: What I should have done and what i should not have done.

  • Follow an exercise program. I made a September exercise plan and if you look at all my September weekly updates you’ll know that i wasn’t able to follow my exercise program. In this last week of September, i finally signed up with a trainor. If i had done it in the beginning, i may have hit my body fat goals?? Maybe? Hahahah
  • Sleep. You have no idea how massively important this is. When my brother got dengue fever, i was with him in the hospital and i could not get a decent amount of sleep. I think this is on my September third week update. I was too tired for exercise and i felt hungry all the time! I struggled with my intermittent fast. And because my body was not feeling it’s best, it craved for sweetened coffee!
  • Consistency in Ketodiet. Every weekend I increase my carbohydrates intake and therefore stray away from ketosis. But i realized now this isn’t cool! This means, i read in some online article and could not find it now, that i was only in ketosis for 3 days in a week! So few! So i think am gonna be ditching the super carbohydrates weekends and just making it a single day a week banana splurge! Hahha! No, not splurge, just enough. And instead of making it on weekends, i’ll just do it one day a week. Either Saturday or Sunday.
  • Consistency in Intermittent. Gosh. When i was at the hospital, i was hungry all the time due to the lack of sleep and intermittent fast was a struggle. I even put sugar in my morning coffee!!! And though i ate calories within my limit, my weight still increased!!! Damn!

And main take away? Consistency is key. 🙂

AND… my October goal is still 55 kilos weight and 25% Body fat.

Stay tuned!!!!

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