Ketogenic Diet and Weight Training and my Shocking Personal Experience

I think these two are a match made in heaven. Keto drops your weight fast while preserving lean mass aaaannd, in my personal experience, you get to lift heavier weights and recover faster!

Carbs before lifting heavy. True?

Though there are recommendations that says eat some carbs before training, this did not work well for me. I remembered that one time, i ate a banana before lifting and boooyyy did my endurance dropped! I don’t know why. In my first 10 minutes, i was doing fine but beyond that i was struggling! I was a bit scared and wondered if GYM was for me. But the following gym session, i ate my serving of lettuce and olive oil and coffee and man oh man did i did well! I lifted 90 kilo plates on a sumo deadlift for the very first time and i felt soooo amazing!

Keto and increasing exercise reps and speed. Cool?

My personal experience says not very cool. I can lift heavier and use zero momentum which they say is much more tiring. Amazing right? But then my instructor says “okay, let’s add 5 reps and faster.” I am almost at the tears in the very last rep. So keto diet and higher reps and increased speed don’t go so well. But strength training at minimum speed, heavier weights and fewer reps is all good!

Sorry if i used the word “shocking!”

These items might not be too shocking for you, but damn it was for me!. I was having doubts getting into the gym while on a keto diet for fear of fainting! Hahah! But truth be told, i felt better at the gym in a keto diet that in a regular diet of higher carbs.

Keto may not be too cool for you. Different strokes for different folks i so firmly believe. But then again, it might. However keto might rank top on the hardest diet out there so be prepared.  Eating bacon and butter and avocado might seem delicious until you realize that you still have to set a limit to your calories and you’re saying farewell to your much beloved carbs! Goodbye burger buns and pizza crust! But the moment you will lose weight, you will be so happy for it!

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