My 20% Body Fat Percentage Goal: Food to Eat and My Exercise Program

Did i just told ya i aced my weight and body fat percentage goals?!?! Ohhh Yeah! My current weight now is in fluctuation from 54.1 kilos to 55.5 kilos , and i am extremely happy. For my body fat, i move up and down from 25% to 26.5% which is awesome. With the aid of imagination, i can see my abdominal muscles! hahhaha!

Anyways, life goes on and so does my fitness journey. Am having so much fun and energy and i love how i feel! So am definitely going forward.

“Let’s stop focusing on weight for now.” Advised Mike, my gym trainer. I am looking forward to building my glute muscles and shoulder caps and gaining muscle, meaning am gonna weight. Which is perfectly prefect as long as its a lean mass gain. So from weight loss, am shifting to lean mass gains and body fat reduction. And man oh meeeeenn is it NOT a walk in the park.

GAINING LEAN MASS (42 kg Muscles mass and 20% Body fat percentage)

I just realized that weight loss is so much damn easier compared to this new monster am slaying, LEAN MASS GAINS. Gaining mass is one thing, but gaining lean mass is an entirely new demon! Help!!!

But honestly, am excited and so damn eager to see how my body reacts and responds to my new routine and new macro proportion. Am ready to learn and slay this monstah!


Woookay, yoga isn’t gonna cut it anymore. Yoga and weight training (for me) was a match made in heaven but, if am gonna drop my body fat and increase muscle mass i need to do some serious HIIT. And did i tell you that i HATE HIIT? But am in the project fat loss, and love it or hate it, i gotta do it!

Here is my exercise routine:

    • A.M. – Fasted HIIT (oh dear)
    • P.M. – Weight Training (Bakbons Gym with Mike)
    • A.M.- Fasted HIIT (please…)
    • P.M.- Yoga Hatha for a goooooood stretch
    • A.M.- Fasted HIIT (arggg)
    • P.M.- Weight Training (Bakbons Gym with Mike)
    • A.M.- Fasted HIIT (i can doooo this…)
    • P.M.- Yoga Hatha for a goooooood stretch
    • A.M.- Fasted HIIT (yaaassssss!!!!..)
    • P.M.- Weight Training (Bakbons Gym with Mike)


Uhmmmmm…. of course weight gain meant lean mass gains but baby, it still is psychologically scary for me to shift to gains! The battle for my 10 kilos weight loss was no joke and now and shifting to weight gains?!? Wooo hooo! But nevertheless, i took a deep breath and just did it! Am now 101% on weight gain (lean mass) mode!

From 1,200 calories am jumping to 1,500 calories.

My new macro ratio:

  • Protein 1.5 gram per lbs of lean mass
    • 84.92 lbs of lean mass only x 1.5
    • 127 grams of protein
    • 508 calories from protein (127×4)
  • 40% Fats
    • 1,900 calories x .4
    • 760 calories from fat
    • 84 grams of fats (760/9)
  • Carbs max of 50 grams.
    • 50 grams from carbs.
    • 200 calories from Carbs (50×4)
  • So if we summarize them it’ll go like this:
    • 508 calories from protein
    • 760 calories from fat
    • 200 calories from carbs
    • 1,468 total calories

I came from a very successful ketogenic diet so increasing my carbs is something my soul can’t yet bear but!!! i do believe in carb cycling so i will increase my carbs up to 200 grams on Sundays, in preparation for Monday’s gym session. Ya hoooo!



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