“You’re Not Tired. You’re Uninspired.” And Other factors you have no idea are sabotaging your fitness goals.

We may have all the right information about healthy eating, exercise, the right supplement recommendations and the best fitness coach in the entire world, but sometimes, even these things aren’t enough to propel you into acing that ideal weight. Damn it! What more do we need?

In this post will reveal things that are unconsciously holding us back. And when we get to know them,perhaps you’ll finally know what to do with it and be on your way to your weight loss success! Ya hooo!

1.) You’re not tired. You’re Uninspired.  

Inspiration is what propels you to put on those shoes faster. Makes the pain of that last rep delicious instead of pure agony. It makes your damn veges enjoyable instead of dull. It basically makes this whole journey bright and happy! So yeah, get an inspiration. I get mine from flipping through my instagram news feed and following @emilyskyefit and @dannibelle. Two very beautiful, smart girls with an admirable workout ethics and discipline. And they both got really attractive bum which am definitely working on right now!

2.) You’re just eyeballing it.

The thing is, a kilo of weight lost can’t be seen (yet) in the mirror. And if you can’t see it, you don’t get motivated by it. So get a weight scale, and log your results. Best to get smart scale that tells you everything you need like fat percentage (very important), muscle mass, BMI, BMR and weight. And one that shows you a trend. This is extremely helpful.

I use InnovWeight Smart Scale. It’s doesn’t cost much. Nothing fancy, but it does the job.

3.) You multitask eating with others things.

This might seem harmless but this actually might be the root cause of how people become overweight and say “But i don’t eat much?” It’s called unconscious eating. We sat in front of the tv, watch a good horror movie and before you knew it, you ate the entire platter of fries! Try eating and just be there, sitting and eating. Pay attention to your food and how sweet, salty or spicy it tastes. Feel the texture. Chew it, taste it, swallow it, and most of all, enjoy it. You’ll be surprised how effective this is in cutting unhealthy snacking.

4.) You pick an exercise you’re not in love with.

Different strokes for different folks and same applies with exercise. Though different forms of exercises have each their own purposes and results (You can’t build muscles by jogging all day), you got to choose one that you love. As much as i like the idea of jogging, when i was overweight my endurance just makes it a torture. HIIT made great results for my friends but i’m just so miserable at it. I love the idea of lifting weights but i was too shy to head to the gym. So i tried yoga at home. I loved it. It was doable and it made me sweat easily! So i stayed with it. I lost weight with diet aided by a little yoga and when i was close to my goal weight of 55 kilos, i hit a plateau. It was then i decided to get a gym instructor and lift weights–finally!

I am now 53 kilos. Weight loss is no longer my goal but my weight kept on dropping. Probably because i haven’t fully increased my calori intake? Hahhahah! IDK. I swear i ate so much now. In fact, right now, am so full i couldn’t barely breathe.

All am saying is, when you start exercising, just choose one you enjoy and stick with it and get results. When you’re body is physically and psychologically ready, you can then explore others forms of exercise. For now, focus on eating right.

5.) You lean on supplements to get the job done.

Supplements are there to supplement, to aide, to enhance and to assist. What’s to supplement, aide, enhance and assist when you’re stubbornly eating junk whenever you get the chance! What can a supplement do when you’re not interested in sweating out? Weight loss or being in a healthy weight is merely a result of lifestyle. So fix the lifestyle and the weight will follow.

Currently i supplement with the ff.:

ProteinGold Standard Whey (used by my dad) and Musclepharm (suggested by Mike my gym instructor)

KetoQuest MCT powder (not planning to order again because its expensive hahaha!), MCT oil, ketone supplement with L-Carnitine from 1UP (just received this now, will see if i like it)

Other supplements- Omega 3/fish oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Milk Thistle (liver health)

You should know that these supplements i ONLY took when i increased my exercise intensity, specifically when i started lifting weights and aimed for gaining lean muscle mass. 🙂

I also drink Green Coffee EVERYDAY! This helps tame my cravings and makes me sweat so good during my morning exercise.

6.) You’re shy to admit to the world that you’re on a project weight loss.

The idea of your friends laughing at the dinner table when you say you’re on a weight loss diet is just too much for you to handle. So instead of saying “No, i can’t eat that.” you snap a picture and caption it, “NO TO DIET”. And naturally you shove everything in your mouth to prove you meant every tiny crumbs of it. Listen, in every goal we have, be it weight loss or not, you gotta own it. Own it! Or you will never will.

7.) You think you’re not fat enough.

I learned this from personal experience. I look at the mirror and shrug, “Am okay. Am not fat enough. Just muscles and some water.” And when i shop for clothes, i get angry thinking why the f*ck they got all these dresses a size too small? And instead of facing the fact that maybe i was the fat one, i just decided to never shop for clothes at all. It’s when i read the book by Mark Manson “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck” did i realize that running away from reality never will solve the problem. A problem gets solved when we accept it and face it. That simple.

So admit it and face it. Look at it in the eye and say “I got this.” Because really… You always do.

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