Tribute to Jupiter

Welcome to December, my birth month. I wanted to write something from the heart, honest, flawed and raw, a tribute to Jupiter. He likes that.

Before, when this blog got zero readers this was a bit easy to do. Now, am at 100 readers, and some of them i know….because the tracking map says Philippines…and writing from the heart knowing you got friends and people you know reading it is like laying in an operating table, surrounded by people with scalpel in hand ready to slice you open and poke out your internal stuffs. hahaha! Was that harsh? Sorry.

But it kinda feels like that…

November has been a roller-coaster and i think December will be the same with much more twists and steeper slopes and deeper drops!–Or this month will be easier than the last. Hahah! It can only go both ways right?

My gym sessions are my salvation. It’s the only place i literally think of nothing but lifting them weights. It’s therapeutic. And the testosterone increase after gym feels so good. (Yes women have testosterone too and it increases after an intense exercise).  What am saying is, am just glad i met the gym this year. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Hands down.

And the weight training result (for me) is amazing. Am still not used to my new cloth size which is small-medium. Some medium clothes are even lose! So i had to sell my XL and L clothes that have filled my closet for the year.

I am overwhelmed by all the people sending messages of compliments and love. And people asking tips how to lose weight. I keep zero secrets especially when it comes to tips on weight loss. I know exactly how it feels. I know how deep down we wish that there was this magic pill we can take to lose the pounds. There is none.

NONE. Its all about the lifestyle. And just like everything else, starting is JUST the hardest part. That’s all. You got this.

And once you get passed that, and YOU WILL, you couldn’t imagine how you couldn’t do it in the very first place.

To help everyone, i’ve created  “The Green Coffee Weight Loss Project in 30 Days”. Its a simplified compilation of the basics I’ve discovered, learned and applied in my journey to 55 kilos from 67 kilos in just 2 months. It’s free so don’t worry. All you go to do is like the page if you want to get updated. Here is the link of the album:

I featured Green Coffee because i like it and it does help with appetite control which is a HUGE help! Plus i find that i sweat so good in my exercise. But if you just can’t do coffee, i may recommend goji juice too.  It’s new, the company just sent me a one month supply to try for a month. But i still have to give this goji juice a try and see how my body feels about it. I wrote a post about it here:

Disclaimer: All those written in the project worked for me. It may work for you too or it may not. People are not the same. Different strokes for different folks. But like it did me, it might work for you too. And let’s both pray to the heaven’s that this project fits you so that you can finally fit on those clothes you’ve been wanting to wear.

But i believe confidence and being overweight are 2 very different things. You can have the best body figure and refuse to show your collar bone and knees. Or, you can be the total opposite and sport a bikini happily on the beach. I am kind of both. There are times my confidence is high and times that i just don’t feel like it. On regular days, i refuse to wear makeup or wear anything attractive because, idk, i just want to be ignored? I want to ignore everything ( to focus on want am doing) and be ignored. Am i being cruel?

Women, in general, always want to feel special. We want attention, admiration and infatuation from everybody and this does not exempt me. But there are times that i just feel like am just being too much. Then i’d be grateful i was not born a man, women can be really complicated . Darling, sometimes, i can’t even understand myself!

But am blabbing already. So i guess this is all. HAHHAHHA! Hope i didn’t waste your time.🙏

And I hope Jupiter finds this post honest and carefree “enough” to court his goodluck.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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