Metabolism Booster Hot Chocolate Drink

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This is my favorite cold season drink. I have this when i watch movies at home or when am reading a book, or when am scrolling facebook or when i am happily enjoying the company of myself in a soft blanket and a warm soft socks. 🙂 It has a powerful metabolic kick so expect to sweat! Do not drink this before going to bed. Do not drink if you don’t do well with caffeine or with spicy hot food. There is no sugar here. Just Stevia from the green coffee mix. It’s very healthy. Makes you super full too and smells so good!


Step 1: Boil  cups of water along with cocoa cubes, black coffee powder, cinnamon, and green coffee.

Step 2: After boiling, give it 1-2 minutes to cool just a little bit and transfer to the blender. Add the MCT powder or MCT oil or Butter. And Blend.

Step 3: Serve each cup with a hint of cayenne pepper. Careful, this one is powerful so make sure to sprinkle a tini-tiny amount of cayenne first, sip and add if you still can handle it. 🙂

If you think its too bland, add honey. If you like it creamier, add whip cream.


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