Kissing the Hen Goodbye: My 2017 Year End Diary

Don’t expect details. These are just blah blah. Me talking to myself.

I should have written this last week. But i got overwhelmed and ended up typing and deleting sentences almost at the same time. So i decided to just let December 25 pass first and hopefully i can man up and write something before December 31.

So here i am, taking a deep breath and letting my fingers do the talking as they glide up the keyboard. If i interfere for just a tini-tiny bit, i’d ended deleting things again. Not cool. (I just deleted 5 sentences here if you should know)

So how was 2017?

It is amazing and scary. Amazing because things materialize so much faster this year. Like, if i got a wish it just pops up and say, “Wish coming right up!”. And its really true what they say, “Careful what you wish for.” Am not gonna elaborate but…just be careful what you wished for.

I always believe life is fair. It is and always will be. Something has to be exchanged for whatever you request and its because you may not really like what you wished for. So you have to be tested with hard work, patience, blood, sweat and tears and all the spices that comes along with you-already-know-what…right?

My businesses are doing unexpectedly awesome. Dragon Tours has taken traction. I did no advertising and customers are increasing in very good number. I remembered when all the bookings we had were our friends..once a year. HAHAHAHAHAH! 🙂

I did a soft launching of Bohol Bikini Shop (instagram @boholbikinishop), and Ativewear Overruns Bohol (instagram @activewearoverrunsbohol) . They are both online and both to take full life in 2018. My goal is February. Hopefully i can bore it on a Chineses New Year to make things exciting.

I have avzventures too. Green Coffee is selling like pancakes. I like the taste and it actually works. Very effective in naturally curving that appetite.

My jmarycyoga page in facebook is gaining some tiny audience thanks to bakbonsfitnessgym family. I didn’t plan on doing any upgrade for this page. This is just like a diary. Just like this blog.

You know when you are so happy and want have someone to talk to about it? This is the purpose for it. After gym, i get sooo pumped, sooo happy that i have to tell somebody. I tell allll my friends at the apartment if they are still awake. I tell mom, and Shadow (my roti) !!! I tell my boyfriend but this maybe is just not his thing. Thank god dad is there. Bodybuilding is his hobby and we chat for hours!!!

But it ain’t enough. I got to tell it to myself too and this blog allows me to do just that… Get it?:)

Okay moving on to my fitness journey.

This year is a miracle. I lost a lot of weight. As you can see in my other posts. I was actually 67 kilos heaviest this year and dropped to 54 kilos (my current weight). I even dropped to 53 kilos but i want to be strong too so. I got to gain back some weight and am able to maintain 54 – 55 kilos.

I lost weight because of ketogenic diet. Many fail at this and i told myself am not gonna be one of them. It took a lot of discipline and monitoring  to make this diet work. But the results wowed and motivated me. I did it for me! Not for the boyfriend (because he doesn’t care lol), not for the crush (because they don’t care too). I just did it…for me. It was a victory i am so proud of.

I plateaued at 60 kilos and i decided to do weight training and get an instructor to make it really work. And it did. My weight dropped so fast and my body fat percentage slowly dropped too. I got the best body for me, to date. I am happy.

I am a Sagittarius. I like chasing things.

I am a Sagittarius. I like chasing things. And be chased. ;)’Which is a very progressive trait but, usually when we caught them, the fun is over and we no longer get interested. This is what happened to EVERYTHING I DO. So i find a trick to keep myself in the merry chase… i set super unrealistic goals. HAHAHAH!

You’ll tell me, “Get a more realistic fitness model or get a more realistic body goal or you get demotivated”. “You’re not gonna get this the natural way.”

And in my mind, “Am so gonna get that body. The natural way… Try me.” And so the fun begins. (Call it stubbornness if you like 🙂 )

So far, my shoulder goals are good. So am eyeing for pull-ups to have some thrill. My bum progress is amazing so i goal lifting heavier and hitting PRs on my sumo dead lift to make things fun. My abs….well, it still isn’t there so this is exciting!


These are not finite. Sagittarians are a mutable sign and thrive on change. Other’s die in the concept of change, we thrive on it.

But so far, this is how it goes:

1.) 20% Body fat – Currently am at 24-25%

2.) Sumo Deadlift 315 lbs- (OMG!!!!!!!! Sooo exciting!) Currently my PR is 215 lbs. Oh heavens! Am grinning right now!

3.) Pull-ups 10 reps. – hahahhah! I can currently do 1.

4.) Chest Dips 20 reps – I can do 5 now.

5.) Bench Press  225 lbs!!!!! Ambitious! Currently i can do 100 lbs max. Hahaha!

6.) Squat of 315 lbs – I can do this. I know i can.

This list will change. I know. I will also write 2 posts per week for this blog. And will try to upgrade for just a tiny bit my photos is Instagram. Have you seen them? They are of bad resolution and all are just mirror selfies. Its getting really boring now. I got to do something. Any tips? 🙂

I am excited/scared for 2018 actually. I know there is this goal that i will be able to hit. A goal that was just a wish before and now, starting to come to life. I do hope i really like it… once i caught it. I’ll not tell you what it is, but you’ll know it when it happens. I’ll keep you posted love.

On my next post, i will write a new years resolution. HAHAHAHH! Or maybe not… will see.

Have a wonderful Holiday everyone!

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