2018 New Years’ Resolution to Lock-in Motivation

This is a fitness new year’s resolution. If you noticed, i post goals and results in this site. And i do it this way because i learned and accepted the hard fact that I have an ego. And decided to make him my best friend.

Ego’s aren’t bad…everything has its own yin and yang. It’s purpose and destructive power. Your strength are often your weakness. Two side of a coin. So i learned to play with “ego” and this blog is born together with my online fb updates, instagram, and messenger days. Again, this might work for you or it might not. People are unique. We prefer different things, get attracted to different people and thus something that works perfect for me, doesn’t mean it does to you too. But it also might.

Here are my new years Fitness resolution to lock in motivation for 2018:

1.) Post a weekly update on my Body fat % result.

Am grinning as am typing this. I have a smart scale that tells body fat, and all other loads of stuff, and it displays it into a graph. And to be really committed for the week, am gonna post this graph here, so you can check it out. Feel free to judge me in case i screw up. Hahahah! Am cool with that now.

2.) Post a good quality picture at least once a week.

Meaning, not first thing in the morning mirror selfies, but well planned out pictures with good lighting and a million edits. Hahahah! Because i got to inspire myself. Ego is still at play here. If we are not excited by the result of the hard work we do, we get demotivated and bored…and it all ends there. Not cool.

3.) Be consistent in my Live Instagram HIIT workout (@joanniemary)

Why? Because it tend to really push good form and speed when am on instagram live. I jump higher, i kick faster and do it to the very end. Evenif nobody watches it, the fact that somebody might be watching it is a big plus to do good at it. So, yes. Keep the instagrm HIIT live coverage.

4.) Film at least once a month a yoga video tutorial. (You can find this at youtube jmary yoga)

Am not a licensed yoga teacher. So i am having hesitation filming yoga tutorial flows but, this is my personal practice, feel free to join if you like 🙂

5.) Set and Update You with Monthly Goals.

This is exciting! On January, first week, i will post my goal for the month and my plan on how to ace it. And will post a weekly update for you, sharing, honestly, if i was really to able to keep up with the plans i set for myself.

Fingers crossed I can i do this. But this starts on January. I am excited!

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Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Fitness Coach

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