There are just days when…

There are just days when you’re just not in your best physical condition. You have no idea why. And you just have to take a deep breath and remind yourself that it is okay.

Today, I wokeup, did a mirror check and loved how I look. I was happy, of course. Took this photo right on top, the one featured. I did not do hiit exercise (which I was suppose to) because I was having a gym session and it turned out I flanked at the gym.

We had only did ab workouts. And it simply just hurts. There is this muscle in front of my liver that that is extremely sore and screams when I do leg extensions and do a weighted inclined sit ups. I hated that it hurt.  I want to do tbe exercises so bad and this sorrnesseness just wouldn’t allow me. I do not feel great about it.

In the weighted leg extensions, we had to take away the weights because I just could not do it! I felt terrible. I honestly do.

Then we finished off with Russian Twist. Atleast this one all tight. It was weighted and it felt (finally) great. It did not hurt probably because it targetted different muscle group. We did 4 sets of 20 reps.

We’re hitting legs tomorrow so will see how it goes. Wish me luck. I think I really need it.

By the way, am planning to post here after my workout. To make this blog a real diary. I do post a lot in my page, the page, but I think this is where I should pour it all out.

Blog is more meticulous compared to just posting on facebook but, I decided to shift my energy here.

Sorry to write on low tune. I am feeling low. But I know that I can just sleep this off and am back to being me again. Can wait.

Have a great week ahead!

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Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Fitness Coach

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