Look at my back!

Its been sooo long time since I took a video / photo of my back. I have more muscles now but to see for what it really looks like is just…wow! It makes me so happy.

(I know, I sound silly, praising myself.)

The first video of me doing the lat pull down was in May 22. You can the see ig clip in this link.

We went to the gym without an instructor and spend about 30 minutes (3x a week). We have no clue what we were doing so we just stopped.

I started gym with an instructor at the end part of September of this year (2017). I had already lost a lot of weight from my very strict ketogenic diet. I did plateaued at 59 or 60 kilos and sure enough after adding weight training, I dropped to 55 kilos and even went to 53 kilos which, I know was too much. So I started CKD to enhance muscle growth and keep it toned.

Oh, and here is the link to my current lat pull down video. 

I did shoulder exercises tonight and sumo deadlift of 135 lbs 3×10. Shoulders are my favorite body part to grow.

Today was suppose to be a leg day but since our exercise was 3 days straight (I guess this is the reason), my instructor decided to move it to Friday.

But I love leg day so much and my head was already set on it. So I knew I had to atleast go to the gym and sweat. Margie came with me. She did my leg day program with easier weights. But still, it was a killer and I am so proud of her.

I posted some video in my ig story at @joanniemaryc , if you like to check it out. 🙏

Its almost new year… 🙂 Wish you the very best!


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Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Fitness Coach

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