Don’t be stubborn

Gym Log for December 29, 2017

We had leg day today…my favorite day of all. But I died. It was the first time this happened, must be because I just did a sumo deadlift yesterday at 135 lbs at 4 rounds with 10 reps.

My instructor told me to go easy on the leg exercise because we’re gonna have a leg day the following day.

“Sure!” i said. I’ll only do a sumo deadlift. It was not heavy but it was a wrong move.

So during the leg day…I flanked. Had to strip away mu ego and say no to ab workout.


Anyways here is what we did:

Squats. Reached 195 lbs at 1 rep max at not the best form.

Stiff leg deadlift was okay, reached new weights.

Goblet squat was great too…we did heavy on it.

Then we did a whatever it was a squat with dumble and shift to courtsey lounges…I did not like it. Hahahhaa!!!

Then we had leg kick backs, or was it called? am not sure. And we finished it off with hamstring curls (whatever it was called, it was with a machine).

Lesson being.. don’t be stubborn. 🙂

Enjoy the evening!

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