Pan Cooked Keto-Friendly Pizza

I love pizza…everybody loves pizza. But since I was on ketogenic diet I could not afford sabbotage it with the crust.

For the love of pizza ❤ I google some keto friendly recipe and here is what I got.

Usually made this on Sundays with a tub of ice cream in hand watching netflix 😂. The joys of Sundays.

*1 tbsp olive oil
*170-200 grams mozarella cheese
*hand full of parmesan cheese-optional.
*bacon or peperoni or ham or all 😂(peperoni tastes sooo much better)
*1-2 tbsp italian pizza sauce


1.) Crush garlic in 1 tbsp olive oil. Take out garlic and greese olive oil in pan.

2.) Dice the mozarella cheese and place on pan. Spread it while melting. sprinkle parmesan cheese (optional). cook over medium low heat.

3.) When mozarella starts to turn brown in the edges spread 1-2 tbsp of italian pizza sauce and top with peperoni. If you use bacon, make sure to cook the bacon first 🙂

If you have oregano, you can sprinkle some too!

Note: There will be some struggle lifting the finished product off the pan. Just be patient 😂 lift edges first and make your way to the center.


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