Saturday Gym Log

I posted a video of this (just the deadlift) in instagram. You can view it here.

Saturday is no instructor day for me so I just what I feel like doing with the reminder to go easy on legs because Monday is Leg day!
I also assisted my friend @balucamargiewho is new to the gym. Saturday is her leg day!!! 🙌

So here is what I did:
115 lbs 10 x 1
135 lbs 10 x 3

15 x 3
(don’t know the dumbbell weights its was the blue one)

15 x 3

15 x 1
12 x 1
10 x 1
8 x 1
(am not sure of the weight but I add I block every set)

And that was it.. 🙏

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Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Fitness Coach

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