Me at 24.8% body fat.

This is me at 24.8% body fat. But then there is LightRoom and instagram filters sooo…🙏

To everyone asking what green coffee am I using, thiz one iz it baby! I just like it because it helps with appetite control and you sweat like at the gym. It tasted good but got stevia for sweetner so it doesn’t mess with my #keto.

Yesterday we did upperbody. Ummmm.. Was definitely not my strongest at that moment. Last week I was able to do 105 lbs benchpress x 3 reps, now I was struggling at 95 lbs x 5!!!

And in Arnold press, (will ask Mike how much those dumbbells weigh) my left shoulder collapsed! It couldn’t do it anymore & I could not control its descend. it was embarrassing!!! @Mikesupremo had to spot me and by spot, meaning hold my wrist so the dumbbells would not fall on my face, all the f*cking way to the end! HAHHAHAHAHA

But I like how my shoulders look right now. And my arms are leaner. Idk, is this the struggle between aesthetics and strength? But I like to be able to bench 125 lbs!!! Or maybe just like what mike told me, strength varies day to day.

But surprisingly I loved the Shoulder fly drop set. 🙃 It burned!!! I loved it. It hurts too but its okay.

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