So today was leg day!

So today was leg day! I look forward to dying on a leg day & well… got what I wished for!!! Damn!!!
We didn’t do any PRs, those were just weights we left off before the holidays. I got to admit quad training is nasty! Those weighted walking lunges…leg extensions with burn set…(ihateburnset!!! but it feels so good I Hate it Love it.)
In my story I posted that I lost weight. Am honestly happy that my strength was able to put up with today. It’s my monthly period too! so I felt a bit scared as Mike placed those 45 lbs plates.. but I did okay. I guess. I drained every bit of sweat and energy in me that even though am excited typing this, my eyes are shutting down & have to double check typos coz my fingers are just typing whatever. Am sleepy. Am tired. But am VERY HAPPY.
Thank you @mikesupremo for an amazing leg day…as always 🙏. And @roidheryo, thank you for…you know, just standing there! hahaha! thank u for the added assist on whatever that machine exercise was, the one that we hit 360 lbs x 5 reps.
I want to do a #gymlog post but am sooooo sleepyyyy…
So this is all. Goodnight!
Goodluck to all #2018fitnessgoals everybody!!!

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