Exercise Plan for April ’18

As promised, i am sharing to you my April exercise plan. This is a tiny bit intense for me and to be very honest, i do not know if my enthusiasm (one of my strengths) is strong enough to help me see this through.

Partly for Spartans Sprint

If you have followed me in Instagram ( @joanniemaryc), you know i recently registered for Spartans Sprint. What you probably don’t know is that, i did it like i was ordering pizza. Scanned through the photos (wow this is FUN!), my heart pounded loudly, a grin appeared on my face, i can feel my pupils dilate and boom, i clicked register.

“What have i done.” i whispered but i was jumping up and down.

“I am currently in free fall now, still fumbling and figuring out how to work this parachute!” is exactly how i feel.

So having said all my blah-blah-blahs here is my April Workout Plan:


  • 5am: 5 kilometer Run ( i seriously do not know if i can do this, but i will do it..i will. F*ck. did i just say am doing it? okay. I will do it.)
  • 8pm: Weight Training focused on Strength


  • 7am: Weight Training Upper Body (Shoulders and Back)
  • 8:30 pm: Circuit Training at KATMA (this kills, but it has my heart)


  • 5am: 5 kilometer Run ( okay. okay!)
  • 8pm: Weight Training focused on Hams and glutes .


  • 7am: Weight Training UpperBody (Chest and Arms)
  • 8:30 pm: Circuit Training at KATMA


  • 5am: 5 kilometer Run ( ohlooooord)
  • 8pm: Weight Training the standard leg day.

Saturdays and Sundays are days i will lay in bed and stay there. I may get up i feel hungry or want to pee.

On Sundays i will shop for my one week food. Yas, i have a personal meal plan. IN fact my entire month is complete. Because i want everything to line up and line up perfect. Am a free flowing kind of person, hence i gained so much weight last year! So for me to get things done, i need structure. And a meal plan is something that really, really helps.

If you like, i do offer customized meal plan to fit for your personal needs. Complete with recipe, weekly grocery list, calories, macro and etc! This is for weight loss. If you want to know more, just send me a message at instagram @joanniemaryc.

Okay. This is all. You want to subscribe? Yey! Thank you, that means so much!

Photo above is taken March 8, 2018. Will take a photo this coming April 8 and will see what we got 🙂


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