And maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up feeling better

It’s minutes pass midnight and am sipping blue pea tea. It’s given by Raisa, an amazing person who does yoga acrobats and does dead-lifts twice her weight. This tea, reminds me of her. Not that they have something in common, her and the tea, its just that, she loved it a lot and i ended up loving it too!

So yes, am sipping tea. You have no idea how close i was to ordering ice cream and calling in a burger delivery. We all have this kind of day when something just sets us off track. Out of focus. Off balance. Then you suddenly skipped your daily gym routine, and you find yourself bored and ate every edible stuff on the fridge. And when the taste didn’t satisfy, you grab your keys and drove to the nearest fast food chain.

I did not go to the nearest fast food chain, like i said, am here, sipping blue pea tea.

That was just an intro. Apologies for it being long.

Being hungry, most of the time is not the reason why we shove food in our mouth. We eat because its time to eat. We eat because there is food and your date expects you too. We eat because you’e sitting in cafe and its weird not to order anything and because a coffee tastes great with muffins. We eat because we are bored AF! And sometimes, we eat because we got pissed, or sad or angry or whatever…

It’s normal. If you give in, it doesn’t make you weak. It makes you human. And it’s alright.

In this post, am gonna share some better ways to cope with being off balance aside from emotional food binge. Because, for real, food tastes so much better when you eat it as a celebration, not as a cover up for emotions. Here they are:

1.) Sleep. Sleep is a reset button. We’re basically computers with flesh and blood.

2.) Go drink water with lemon topped with ice. The coolness and zest of lemon should make you feel refreshed!

3.) Take a long warm bath. This calms the sense and it just darn right feel good.

4.) Tea. Sip some tea. And just sit and relax.


And none is doable and none works, go ahead, order something nice. Something that tastes great. And for heaven’s sake, eat it slowwly. Don’t shove it all in at lightning speed. Enjoy it. And let the taste make you feel a little less worse. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll even end up feeling better.

Wish you the very best!



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