Personal Tips for a Successful Intermittent Fast

Yes am doing intermittent fast. I try to do it daily, but since my caloric needs are way over the roof for the trainings am in (Spartans and Power-lifting) and my stomach can only accommodate soooo much, its no longer possible.

Personal Experience:

Intermittent Fast made me leaner, made me perform better in my workouts (a lot of my friends say the contrary but, i really do feel good working out in IF), revealed my abs (meaning it dropped my body fat) and curb my unnecessary cravings for sweets snacks. Again, different strokes for different folks. This how it did me.

By the way:

Intermittent Fasting is NOT a diet. Its a schedule of eating. Will write about IF details in a different post, for this one, will share my personal tips on how to do a successful IF.


  • Make sure it fits your schedule. This is most important. Schedule your feeding time when you are relaxed and vacant. And schedule your fasting time when you have work to do and things to catch up. This way works best for me. We eat when we are bored, most of the time, so best to schedule our feeding around this slot.
  • Strictly zero calori to max of 10 calories in your fasting window. Consume ONLY stuffs with zero calories or at least max of 10 calories only! More than this, you’re out of your fasted state and then you start feeling HUNGRY because you’re now in your fed state. And feeling hungry all the time is something WE MUST AVOID.
  • In your feeding hours…EAT! Some people get the hang of the fasted state and end up eating less in the feeding hours. Then when its fasting time, they ended up eating in their fasted state which destroys the whole concept of the IF.

Though IF is not a diet, i still highly recommend to EAT GOOD FOOD. Slowly stir clear of super sugary foods. They do no good. Processed foods are everywhere but at least TRY stick with buying the ingredients and cooking them yourself.

Calm down. Take it slow. Shifting to a healthy lifestyle isn’t an overnight job. Like everything else it takes practice and then you get used to it. I got used to it. Who knows, IF might be your first step.

And yes, IF also has anti aging benefits and quoted for longer life. WHOA?!?!

Hope you enjoyed this! And yes, if you feel like it, kindly like, share or subscribe! Have some additional tips? Comment them down below.

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