Exercise Plan for May

“The decent method you follow is better than the perfect method you quit.”
― Timothy FerrissThe 4-Hour Body

Have you red my April 2018 Workout Plan? It appears that it was too much because i was not able to follow it! I sincerely apologize.

Spartans Sprint will be on June. on August, i will join power lifting competition. Though the power lifting is not final, i have booked training sessions with Ray Jefferson aka @powerednbyhumba, the Philippines Strongest Man to gear up my strength. His advice i will follow is he says i do the competition or not.

“WE HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO.” He said as he knew my lifting numbers.

If you’re curious, here they are:

  • Deadlift conventional: NO PR yet but i do currently 5×5 80 kilos
  • Squat : NO PR yet but i do currently 5×5 155 lbs or 70 kilos
  • Bench Press: PR is 110 lbs or 50 kilos.
  • Overhead press: No idea! HAHAHAHA!

Long intro, i know.

Here is my workout plan for May 2018

  • A.M Monday to Friday – Gym with MWF focused on strength training and TTHS focused on glutes and upperbody
  • PM TTHS – Gorilla Fitness focused for Spartans Sprint

This training is focused on performance, not so much as looks or body figure. Wish me luck!

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