Fitness Journals and How It can help you

Always plan to post weekly here but can’t keep up. Sorry. Anyways, for all those new to this blog, welcome! This blog started out when i was overweight and fat and not very fit (i die just by jogging) was in the weight-loss journey. Feel free to scan to the archives and see my early posts.

So, let’s head straight to what this post is all about.

What is a Fitness Journal?

It’s a notebook, and you write on it daily, every night, before going to bed. And the usual contents of this journal are the following:

  • lists of all the foods you ate (if you know how it be great to include macro count, calori count as well. This is what i did.)
  • Exercises you did.
  • Supplements you took.
  • And your body weight (take this in the morning before consuming anything, and right after your bathroom ritual)
  • And overall how you feel.

How do these help you out in nailing your goals?

For me (yes, what works for me, may not necessarily 101% work the exact same way it did for you) a fitness journal keeps me on track. Its like a personal coach that i talk to every night. I tell it everything that I listed above, and I tell it how these all made me feel, was I sleepy, tired, energized and the likes.  Then by rereading it, i in someway, get a feedback.

And it tells me i suck, or that i was being awesome. It also helps to discover hidden errors we are not aware of.

Example. Peanuts. It was okay for ketogenic fat adaptation phase in all books and articles online and offline i read. But for some reason, i had 3 straight days plateau on the scale and this was unusual. Usually i’d drop a few grams every day. Of course sometimes, i gained a few grams but the trend after 2 or 3 days is alaways a downward slope. So having a 3 day plateau meant something was not right. And since it looked like i did everything correct, i had to figure it out.

Using my journal i found out that there were 3 foods added to my diet the last 3 days: peanuts, chia seeds and mct oil.

The first thing i omit was chia seeds, because they were expensive and i kind of not really understood the taste of it. After three days, my weight was still gaining…a few grams only but its not about how much you lost or gained its about the trend you’re on.

Not about how much you lost or gained its about the trend you’re on.

And boi was i on the gaining weight trend. And at that moment, i was still fat and my mission was to nail my ideal weight and get fit, being on the gaining trend was not cool at all.

I omitted mct oil. Nothing happened. Then, finally i omitted peanuts and the following day, i dropped 1/4 of a kilo or 250 grams. A small drop, might be due to my hydration or due to bulk of my feces! The next day i dropped another 100 grams. Then the next day i dropped 200 grams.

THUS, it was the peanuts. Have i not have a fitness diary, i would have figured it out, and my weight would have continued to spike and i would have felt sorry for myself and i would have quit. And felt really awful.

In Summary, a Fitness Journal Can:

  • Keep you on track
  • Tell you what is wrong (if you’ve been honest about it)
  • Help you become aware (because most of the time, we have no idea what just happened. right? You ate a bad meal one after another and before you knew it, the day is over. Or you skipped gym day and before you knew it, the week ended and all you did was take a elevator and sit and ate and sleep.and pooped.)

Am sure there are more. Feel free to add on the comment section below.


When i was overweight, having a fitness journal was a great help. And until now, i do it. Currently am on Strength Journey and everything is new to me. EVERYTHING. The exercise programs are different, the calori count should be in a surplus, the macros and macro timing should be carefully executed and to ensure i feel stronger and to perform best at my training days.

Am reading articles and articles every night on strength. Watching deadlift, benchpress and squat videos before i sleep because they are fun. And since am in the stage of bettering my form for the heavy lifts, these videos help. It is exciting and am really enjoying it.

Good luck with your fitness journey and i hope this article helps.

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