Tips on Starting out your Fitness Journey

One of culprit why people fail their fitness goals is the simple fact that they haven’t really started at all.

Putting on shoes and heading out to the gym or for a jog because you woke up feeling sky rocket high enthusiastic does not count as signing up for a fitness journey.

“Okay. Today, amma start eating healthy.” Because the jeans simply no longer fit. This still is not the best way to start a fitness journey even if you did chose cucumber over chips that day.

So how does one start with a fitness journey?

Its starts with you really wanting a certain result. Annnnd lets just say we already have this one covered. Whats next?

The following are steps that most often than not have been skipped by many people that lead them to maybe even start strong but failing at seeing results through. But fear not loves!! When you do this tip right, you will see it through. Well, atleast there is a high chance that you’re gonna see it through. Definitely all still is up to you.

1.) Set a Goal weight and commit to yourself silently in the darkness of your room when no living soul is watching or listening that you (insert your name) are gonna ace those digits no matter “HOW LONG” it takes.

This has to be a commitment to yourself. Not to your lover, or to your mom, or to your friends! This is between you and yourself. So if they praise you for you routine, great. If not, who cares. You’re in this for you.

And the “how long” it takes is very important. Will explain this later.

2.) Set up A COMPLETE Plan. A list of things you do “daily” and the food you are gonna eat because like it or not diet plays a huge role in nailing weight goals hand in hand with exercise routine.

When you don’t have a meal plan or atleast, a list of the food you plan to eat in a day, there’s a high chance of eating whatever unconciously. You drank coke, had some chips, but all you rembered was the lettuce you had for your main meal. Then you throw rocks are the end of the week crying why you still hadn’t lost a few grams.

And same goes with exercise. Know what you’re gonna do at the gym before you hit the gym. Set a gym sched for that week before Sunday ends! And if that schedule sucks, make adjustments! Important thing is, you planned ahead.

3.) Understand whatever that is you’re doing. What’s it for. And you’ll stick to your plan even if you’re surrounded with humans shoving junk on their mouths.

Why high rep training. Why low rep heavy training. Why fasted cardio. Why the f*ck lettuce instead of rice? Why black coffee instead of the freakin 3in1?!?! Why ditch the sugar? Why?!?! You have got to understand all these. The results if you do and the results if you don don’t. You gotta learn ’em all.

Do this and you’ll see yourself finishing that extra rep even when no one is watching. You’ll pick up that black coffee even if everyone had sweet chocolate lattes. And you’ll feel good about it.

4.) Track you progress. No matter how crazy enthusiastic you are, enthusiam fades when results aren’t there. But visible results TAKE TIME. And sadly for some, the fire of the sparkling enthusiam will burn out before the visible results come! And then quit.

But know this, when you put in the hard work, there will always be progress. Small and tiny but progess it still is. You just got to find them. And one way to do this is to keep a log, a diary, a journal. Whatever you want to call it. A notebook to list things down.

List the reps you are able to do today with a given weight, and try next week to up it a little, and if you’re able to do it, CONGRATS!!! Thats progress right there! If yesterday you drank soda for lunch and today you just had lemon juice hoooray!!! You’re doing better! Lost a few grams on the scale, great! You’re on to something! Gained a few grams…oh it must have been the chocolate. And so on.

5.) Push yourself. Or hire someone to do it for you.

Get an instructor if you can afford it. Tell him clearly what you want and show up to the sessions. Commit for 3 months atleast. And if you think you can push yourself on your own, then do it on your own.

Truth Is

You’ll make mistakes. You might accidentally grab a doughnut, fail seeing your workout through the first day…. So what?! Nothinh new! Everyone has to start somewhere, don’t be a baby and keep going. Setbacks, mistakes and adjustments are all part of the process.

And remember, you don’t know how long you’re gonna hit your goal. So don’t nail yourself to a month or half a year. Commit to seeing it through.

Aaannnnnndddd, once you hit your goals love, you gotta realize that health is not just a one time goal. Its a lifestyle and we are all in it for life.

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