Should Girls drink Whey Protein Powder Supplements?

Am gonna answer this question in a subjective manner. From my own personal thoughts and how i apply it to myself. Feel free to comment your answer to the question down below.

Do i drink whey protein? and Why?

Yes. Whey protein powders are a regular in my expense list because i track my macros, and having whey protein powders around makes it easy to hit and balance macros out. I also enjoy clean eating because it makes me feel good and makes me feel “happy” (like it lessens my mood swings, for real) and whey protein shakes are one of the cleanest source of protein a girl can have, or anyone in that matter.

Okay. Should you drink whey protein?

That all depends on you and your goals and how fast you want to nail them and of course, your protein needs. But will have some personal recommendations for you, as a beginner.

If you are not in a hurry to build your body, if you do not know how to count macros, and if you do not care of clean eating, then you will not reap the full benefits of taking whey protein shakes and therefore i might say, to just forgo it.

But if you want to gain lean muscle a tad bit faster, you are learning macros and is willing to really nail it, and if you a determined to eat clean, then WHEY supplement is a must.

How many grams of protein do i need?

The basic is per pound of your LEAN mass weight multiplied by 1. But since its sort of difficult to determine lean mass numbers even for just in close approximations, then we can go for body weight in pounds multiplied by 0.8 to 1. It’s okay not to get caught on the exactness of it.

When i am on gaining mode, i normally just go for my body weight in pounds multiplied by 1.

When i am on toning mode, i go for my pound in body weight multiplied by 0.8.

Then i observe and adjust. I think this is very important.

When do i take Whey Supplement?

Recommendations are to pre-workout and / or post workout.

Personally, i take it post workout, within an hour after workout. And now that am on strengthening and gaining phase,  i add creatine to it along with a piece of banana at approximately 40 grams.

Hope this helps! Thank you for showing your love.

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