So what’s been up?

My sincere apologies for not checking up on this blog for some time now. I have been really focused on intagram @joanniemaryc where I post consistently because its simple to do.

Anyways, WHAT’S BEEN UP?

A lot of things have happened. And they happened so fast which is the way I like it. But whew, boi I need breather. And now that I got my breather, am getting anxious. Hahahahahah! Sorry, did I just confused you?

So here are some very brief recap of the past months:

May : Bagged 1st place in the Strong Woman Competition Visayas Open

My first comp of this year. It was nerve wracking. Was the thinnest of all the women competitors which are now my good friends. Got fever a day before the event? hahahahahah. I was sooooo nervous you have no idea. And the winning felt so good.

June: Spartan Race and Prep for Strongwoman Nationals.

If got nervous for the Strongwoman Comp Visayas open, I got REALLY crazy thinking about NATIONALS!!! For heavens sake I was 54 kl and the weight class I compete is under 62 kilos! 😱 And i’ll be competing with seasoned strength athletes and I have just started my strength program April of this year. Crazy!

I trained so hard, training 2x a day even without the consent of my coach  which got my knee swollen. Had me depressed for fear that I might not be able to compete for the nationals and for sheer sadness that I might be saying goodbye to heavy squats for a year!!! Probably, I really did fell in love with lifting.

With a swollen knee, I still competed in Spartan Race which was an amazing exprience. I walked the entire 7k, nailed 17 obtacles out of 21. So damn proud of my little injured self.

July: Strongwoman Nationals. Got 4th place. There were only 4 of us.  HAHAHAHAHAH. Don’t worry  I had so much fun and will do best next time.

No paragraph can fully express the joy this experience brought me. It was nerve wracking but SUPER FUN! The women were sooo bloody strong and it was an honor to get to compete with them.

I was still the lightest in all 4 competitors even if I gained 4 kilos since May. My strongest lift was the atlas stone, followed by loglift and, frame carry. I got zero on 180 kl Axledeadlift which is my weakest lift, embarrassing, but I will do it again and again.

August: The space in between. To powerlift for September? To Static Monster in October? Or try Bikini Comp for October?

This is the breather am talking about that has gotten me a little anxious. 😅 I still have not decided to do powerlift. But honestly, I plan on doing powerlifting when I nail my goal lifts of 150 for deadlift, 150 for squat, and 70 kl for Benchpress. Tell me, are these numbers gonna take me forever?! hahahah. If I nail 10 kilos less than those digits, i’ll be good to be confident for powerlifting comp.

For static monsters this October, I like it, but the femine part of me wishes to breathe. Maybe get shredded? 😅 I miss looking girly thin honestly. Feel free to judge me. Totally fine. The photo above is a current photo of me. My friends say I look gorgeous. Thank you, really, but I missed meal prepping, and counting calories and macros like a weird psychopath. Missed the challenge of acing a well planned out diet Hahahahahahahaha! Am probably the MOST BORING person in the world.

Oh, Wisechoice Supplements opened in Tagbilaran.

The owner has been very supportive of the fitness community of the Philippines. They are the #1 Supplement shop in Visayas and they are finally here in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. They are located in The Alley, J.A Clarin Street.

So glad to win their Max Deadlift challenge. Nailed 26 reps for 60 seconds 80 kilos deadlift. The opening day was incredibly fun!


Yoga Bohol Founder @raisa_yoga , a great friend of mine and a really strong yogi, invited me to partner up. We will be doing workshops, fitness bootcamps and “total beginners” yoga which am to lead which got me over the roof HAPPY! She got so many plans and I am deeply honored to be part of it. See

Guess this is all for now.

Pray that I keep my head together in the busy months to come and still be able to update my heart out in this blog which I made primary to connect with you in a level that is true and raw.

Thank you for following this blog and a piece of my life that I share with you from time to time.

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