Bikini Body Meal Plan FAQ: 1. Is this Ketogenic Diet?

Not it’s not. (I honestly received plenty of DM’s about this and i love you all so here is a post for everyone who is curious to know.)

Ketogenic diet is an entire program and Bikini Body Meal Plan is just meal plan not an entire diet program.

Bikini Body Meal Plan is a guide that tells you what to eat for breakfast, lunch dinner with tips for snacks and grocery lists and recipes and calori count and macro count. It’s tailored after what i eat when am on weightloss mode. And other weird tricks i do 🙂 Its a tool to make your diet somewhat “easy” because you got a plan to follow…you got a “mealplan.”

Fail to plan is a plan to fail, so they say they. And this is where Bikini Body Meal Plan can assist you.

I love you and since you asked, here is an overview of what Ketogenic Diet is:

It is by far, for me, one the strictest diet you can do. It is a diet program that pushes your body to recognize fat as a fuel source. And it does this by initially forcing your body to use it by eating very high fat, just enough protein and very low carb meals for a span of 30 to 60 days.

No weekly diet breaks, no any form of cheating as this will lead to failure and instead of weight loss you might gain weight because of the high fat you consumed and your body has not been taught yet to efficiently use it yet.

Protein intake in Ketogenic Diet:

This is where it gets tricky. You really have to know the exact protein your body needs and make sure you do not exceed that as excess protein will cause your ketodiet program to fail.

Protein is glycolytic, meaning it can turn into glucose the same way carbs do! And thus instead of burning ketones (fat fuel) your body is still using glucose for fuel and hence you are not in nutritional state of ketosis.

Usually its 0.7 to 1 gram of protein per pound but…different strokes for different folks so you got to constantly monitor. If you are not loosing weight in keto, adjust your protein until you nail it. Yes, it requires some effort.


Since your teaching your body to use fat, you have to drop your carbohydrates low to 30 grams of even less for the span of 30 to 60 days! Again, monitor as others can’t get into keto at 30 grams and even need to drop to 5 grams!


For the first 2 weeks, your fat intake must be HIGH! In this phase its totally cool if you do not count calories! Excess calories is fine in this stage as long as they mostly come from fat! EAT FAT! You are basically giving your body an alternative fuel source by giving it in abundance.

If you do not eat fat, you will still lose weight but you will feel tired and your body will be starving and you will be hungry and you will never learn to utilize fat for fuel.

Also if your fat is not high enough, and you coat it with sweet stuff, you will never get into ketosis. So be watchful of anything that tastes sweet.

But by the 3rd week to end of the month, you best watch your calories now. Fats are calori dense foods so you need to watch it at this time.


You also need to continuously follow the macro ratio for straight 30 days without any reload or refeed or diet breaks and some even 60 days to really make sure your body is 101% adapted and efficient to using fat for fuel. If you cheated once, then you have to start to count back to day one the following day.

Bottom line: Ketogenic diet is a battle of will and control and you got to monitor everything carefully so its definitely not for everybody.

If you read my blog, i was on ketogenic diet for 60 days straight fat adaptation period that got me to lose 10 kilos! I think i even extended it for a few months.

So no, this Bikini Body Mealplan i’s just a mealplan. A guide what to eat and is open for everybody, except if you are vegan or vegetarian, i sincerely apologize. But if you want the ketogenic diet program, DM me and i’ll make you a ketogenic start up mealplan that you have to strictly follow for 30 days.

Bikini Body Meal Plan is what i follow “now” whenever i aim to lose weight. It is sustainable and doable for beginners as this allows for a weekly “Diet Day Off” which causes for joy and celebration.

But if you are ketogenic, you can use this meal plan still! Just check the macros and see if you do not exceed your limit and yeah, you might want to skip the weekly diet break as this gets you out of ketosis especially if you are not doing high intensity workout throughout the week and if you are still in your very VERY strict fat adaptation phase.

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