Bikini Body Workout Plan

A workout plan patterned after my own personal routine for TONING and FAT LOSS. It is a complete system of workouts including cardio (HIIT & LISS) together with gym workouts.

Magenta Dumbbells Workout Planner

A word of warning: This workout plan works. I’ve tested it time and time again. Just follow the workout timing, supplement tips and pair it with a good diet. If you are confused about diet, check out my Bikini Body Meal Plan hopefully it will help you like it did me.

This comes with:

  • Exercise timing tips that speeds up the process.
  • 4 week Complete HIIT workout program that is progressive in nature. You will get fit. Just hold on to it. And follow the timing of HIIT as it is crucial.
  • 4 week Progressive LISS cardio (Low Intensity Steady State) guide
  • 4 week Gym workouts that you can do with or without and instructor. If you have an instructor he may have some comments. You can follow him but i suggest as much as possible to follow the program so you can really see how it works for you. This is what i used. It works for me.
  • A youtube link for video tutorial for each HIIT exercise
  • A link for how to do each gym workout routine
  • If you like, a shout out on my Instagram page via insta stories! And when you finally got them transformation visual, will feature you on my Instagram page! Isn’t this freakin awesome!!!

ALL FOR PhP 350 !

What’s so special about this workout plan:

  • It works. GUARANTEED!
  • It is a combination of the most efficient workout types researched and proven to work for toning and fat-loss.
  • You will lose the belly fat! You will lose the flab on your arms! Just follow the exercise timing. Just follow it!
  • It’s a pdf file that you can keep and repeat progressively forever!
  • Great even for beginners as this is a weekly progressive program.
  • You will feel fit and strong by the end of the month. I promise you. You will be a different human by then.

Wanna BUY! How?

  • Send me your email address via direct message (DM) in instagram @joanniemaryc.
  • I’ll say hi and HURRAY and send you the payment options.
  • Once payment has been sent, will email you the pdf copy of the meal plan right away.

Things to note:

  • This is not a customized workout plan. The first week is great start up point for all beginners. If you are somewhat fit, and have a regular workout schedule already, feel free to start at week 2.
  • An important part of this workout plan is weight training at the gym. So you must have access to a gym.
  • No refunds. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the product, refunds can’t be done.




January 2018




March 2018


April 2018

May 2018 is the start of my strength training. Goal is Strength Gains and no longer fat loss. I do follow my Bikini Body Meal Plan to keep lean but with some alterations to support my strength training.

There is a huge difference in volume and intensity in Strength training compared  to Bikini Body Workout Plan which focused primarily on toning and Fat Loss.


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