Feeling Good, and other tips to help you nail your Body Goals

This is post for girls, mostly, so dudes you are free to skip and move on. Am writing this because i love you and  you asked for tips how to keep strict with meal plans and workout routines.

And to all girls who have availed of my Bikini Body Meal Plan and workout plan, i wrote this with you in my heart, hoping that this will be a huge help for you and your fitness success.

Remember, everything is just a guide. Everyone is just a guide. They just point the direction. Nobody can diet for you or workout for you. You have to work it to achieve it.

Enough with the intro let’s talk about today’s tips.


We are girls, and we are mostly ruled by emotions. We feel a lot. If a friend comments how big our pores look or how hairy our legs are, we smile but secretly get offended or get hurt, whichever our mood suggest. But this doesn’t make you bad or weak, it just makes you, you. But these not so good feelings at some point might make you seek instant gratification to counter the low. These items can be sweets or beers, wines and vodkas hahahahh! Or pizza! Or slumping in bed not going to the gym.

No biggie, this happens and sometimes its cool to allow this to hapen. Sometimes we need it to happen. But if this happens every other 2 days that’s not cool no more!

A good tip to fix this is to accept.

When you accept your flaws and shout ’em out to the world it becomes not an embarrassment and the less it has power over you and how you feel. So when people say you are “fat”, know that they are right and you can choose to be serious with your goals and let it be a motivation.

Be firm and do it for your and your own reasons

It’s a pact between you and yourself. Not with your friends, your boyfriend or your family. You doing it because you want it for whatever reason it may serve you. It has to come from a place of self motivation.

Friends might even make fun out of your diet. Or they may admire you for it! Do not let this get into your head. Praises might soften you and making you ease on your diet and workout. Funny complements with your diet will give you a mediocre vibe. Making you laugh, and say, “Day 2 of diet and here is a doughnut! Lol”.

Complements and criticism will always be there and they are okay. Just don’t let this get to your head.

And don’t let everybody’s tip get into your head. It will mess up your focus and your meal plan and workout routine! They may be right, but for now, focus on you plan. Little knowledge is dangerous remember this. They are just giving you some points, not the entire program! Stick to your program and cover your ears from all the advice you hear for now. I have been there done that ladies. Just be firm. Finish whatthe you started before changing yout mind.

Feel Good

Do what makes you feel good. Wear those butt lifting legging when this makes you feel sexy. Wear make up when this makes you feel pretty in your workouts. Post your gorgeous bikini shots, post good morning selfies, selfies after workout, do what makes you feel amazing and proud! Feel good! Make this journey positive and fun!

You are in this for life. So it has to be fun and rewarding and a positive ride.

The day i first posted my first bikini shot i had so many doubts thinking what people will think. I always asked advice from my mom if its okay, i was that weird. But do what you feel is good, as long as you are not hurting anybody! People will judge you good and bad and that’s cool! Nothing new with that! Just show the world what makes you happy. If you have worked hard for it, and showing it makes you happy, chances are you, are inspiring girls like you too!

And in workouts feeling good helps me surbivevibe big time. Leg days are crazy and the only thing that gets me going in every squat, is my imagination that I look sexy doing it, even if nobody at the gym really gives a damn!

Being humble is good. Being serious is powerful and feeling good is very attractive.

Just keep going and try to enjoy this learning journey you have signed up yourself for. YOU CAN DO IT. I do not have all the answers but you will discover yours in your own way, along the way.

Lots of love,



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