Tips to Keep in Mind when on a Diet Plan

Hello ladies and a few gentlemen who purchased my Bikini Body Meal Plan. The mealplan is for females but is alright for men but with some adjustments like the calorie max daily. A 1,300 cals a day normally renders a slight energy deficit for most women who are sedentary, and some active girls but have been on several calori restrictive diets or for those who lack muscle mass.

So anyways, as the titles goes, we’re gonna help you with some tips you might want to keep in mind when enlisting yourself on a mealplan. And this goes to any mealplan. Not just BBMP (BikiniBodyMealPlan).

Okay. Enough with the long intro, here they are:

1.) Believe and Trust it.

People, random people, be they people from the gym, from your work place, your mom, your boyfriend, ripped AF dudes, other gym instructors, sedentary and not active people, will GIVE ADVICES and comments to you. DO NOT LET THIS DISTRACT YOU. Their advices might be right, but a piece of advice is just one thing, while an entire program/plan are pieces that are specifically put together to work a certain way. And adding their advice in might not fit the initially design framework and WILL even render your program to failure. Tip, for the entire duration of your mealplan, since you bought it, BELIEVE and TRUST IT.

2.) Follow it.

Too obvious, follow a program for it to work, doesn’t seem like it need be said right? Well, IT NEEDS TO BE SAID. Among, lets say, 10 who purchased a program, there is only an average of 1 or 2 people who follows it 99% of the time. The rest are just living their regular diets and routines and others are on it less than 70% of the time and that is just not a way how to make a diet plan work. Tip, I’m case you forget, follow it.

3.) One Diet Plan at A Time.

For exercise plan, maybe you can go ahead and mix and match if your think you have the time and fitness level to do so (but still, focus is key). But when it comes to diet plans, please stick to one plan! Mixing it all up will never work TRUST ME. Have been there done that. Tip, keep things simple and stick to a single plan.

4.) Be Committed to Finish it. And don’t start until you decided to.

Don’t start something you dont have the courage, the strength and the discipline to finish, so the saying goes and can’t be said better. You’ll never know if it works or if it doesnt if you only do halfway.

Bikini Body Meal Plan follows the rules of carbcycling, carb timing and, the general rules of macros and slight calori deficit. Though its nailed to 1,300 cals, and not customized, the diet principles that it follows are the cornerstone where all meal plans and diet plans are built upon. It works. If it doesn’t maybe 1.) There is an ingredient that did not suit you. 2.) 1,300’cals is too high for you. 3.) Maybe something to do with hormonal balance and for this you have to see a doctor. But all else being normal, this should help you. A lot. So lets see how it works for you and commit on seeing it through the very end.

6.) Different Strokes for Different Folks

The success of the diet is not based on how effective literally it is for the goals you set, but on how “doable” it is for you and your preferences and lifestyle.  You have to like it. You have to, in some way, enjoy it. Without the joy, can anybody really survive?

7.) Mistakes are normal and its okay to start over.

To put it simply, don’t quit just because of one bad diet day. Restart. Be strong. See it through. You go this.


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