How to Gain Fat, so you know how to avoid it

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In this post, i will summarize to you all my understanding about how to  gain fat and by doing so, we will have a better take on our road losing fat.

1.) Eating processed foods. Refined carbs, transfat, and added sugars, trigger fat storage even when they have same calories compared to certain whole foods. To put it simply, processed and too much artificial additives causes the body to get inflamed (like an allergic reaction) as we naturally aren’t suppose to be consuming those things in the very first place. Fat is not only for energy storage, it is also for toxin protection. Thus consuming too much processed items often leads to fat stores in the internal organs.

2.) Spike your insulin. Insulin has a very important role of shuffling nutrients to the cells. But once insulin is up, our bodies stops the breakdown of fat and signals it to store fat instead. Glucose from carbohydrates drives insulin levels up, fat breakdown will halt and fat storage will ignite.

But…once you have good muscle mass and your muscles are active, instead of storing glucose to fat, the first priority would be to feed it to muscles for energy utilization and growth and storage in the form of glycogen.

3.) Body fat percentage or the Muscle vs Fat ratio. More muscles leads to fat loss in the long run as muscles even at rest consume energy. Moreover, the more active these muscles are, the more our body prioritize them on energy storage in the form of glycogen.  On the other hand, when you have low muscle mass, and seldom stimulate these muscles, you will have low energy consumption at rest, leading to fat storage in the long run and your body will drive excess energy to fats instead of muscles every damn day, not cool!

4.) Lack of Rest. Lack of rest is a great way to mess up our hormones that regulate energy utilization and recovery. Once body is not recovering properly it simply isn’t in its optimal performance. Body will feel sluggish and favors on conserving energy instead of using them. Lack of rest basically triggers our our body to slow down and eat more.

5.) Calorie surplus. The most basic. The energy your body uses is less compared to the energy you consumed. You are eating more than what your body uses. Slowly, your body stores them into the fat cells. Thereby you gain fat.

However, when your have an active lifestyle and have a healthy metabolism (energy usage balance), a slight calorie surplus leads to muscle growth and sustain healthy energy utilization.

Hope this post helps and hope it was simple enough that we get have basic understanding of fat loss and fat gain.

All of the above are have been put into consideration in my Bikini Body Meal Plan, and if you think you want it and need, its very simple and its ready for you.


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