If You’re having a hard time sticking to a fitness lifestyle, i feel you…

Hello, everyone, sorry for always saying am gonna post weekly and end up posting once a month. Just a few nights sleep and its June, the start of the second half of 2019. Hopefully, i can  at least commit to posting once a week for you.

One of the factors that stop me from posting is this idea that my post should be an awesome read. My post should be correct in all aspect of correctness. And therefore, i end up not posting anything at all.

And in a way, its a similar concept in other aspects in our lives. We over analyze the shit out of it that we end up not doing anything at all.

Lately, i have been having trouble sticking to my workout and my diet. I have always been on Keto 5 days a week, then 2 days eat whatever. But not everyone agrees with keto. In my strength game i am forced to carb up. And if i dont carb up, my coach blames my diet which is truth. I love my dairy and here comes paleo who slams dairy for being unhealthy. So here i am torn between information that is all true in there respective ways and now i end up not having anything at all. I am foggy and weak and tired and i had dysmenorrhea, a painful period which never had since 2017! 😂 A clear message from the heavens that i have to get my shit together or else my body is gonna give me other signals which might be hard to reverse.

With all the information out there regarding fitness and weight loss and health, we tend to pool all these bits of information and end up trying to please all of ‘em and failing in both concepts.

If this is you, i feel you ❤️. But we have to get our shit together or else this year is gonna end with only what we left of in 2018 or worse than that! Time wasted can never be brought back.

So here is my “personal” tip which i hope to help you and me both. (I say “personal” because its my own perspective and you can debate it and disagree with it and that is totally fine.)

A concept might be right for one diet program or workout plan and it might not be the case for the another. And that’s OKAY! Don’t over analyze and stop trying to be right all the time.

Focus on what you have chosen to do. Just because they don’t do what you do doesn’t mean they are right and you’re wrong, or that they are wrong and yours is perfect.

Everyone is right.

So choose one that you can manage to live with it. A diet doable for you and a workout routine you enjoy. But again, stick to one program at time. Sure you can shift, but one at a time.

Many people laugh at my keto and thats totally cool. I enjoy my scrambled eggs, pork, beef, fish in stir fried, roasted or grilled versions with green on the side topped with cheese. And my weekly cakes and icecream and sweet potatoes and cooked bananas or fried! Control on week days, and heaven on weekend !

Its not perfect, but then again, so is life. ❤️

And again, as i have said earlier, i have totally messed it up. No promises but am slowly getting my ducks in order. I say slowly because we have other things in mind other than diet and workout 😂. But again, we can stick to blaming how we have other things in our mind and remain the same or get up and make it happen. Either ways, whatever happens you got this. You always do.

Cheers! 🥂

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Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Fitness Coach

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