Why we (sometimes) lose the motivation to Workout

We all have those days when we crave and get frustrated when we miss a workout session. And on the flip side, there are undeniable days when have to drag yourself to the gym and when you’re finally there, the spark to finish your last set isn’t lighting up anymore. You cut your session in half or cut your repetitions by a few reps or even skip and rest for an eternity in between sets.

Sounds familiar? If you can relate, you are not alone. And in this post, we’ll share my own experiences and personal “philosophy” why these days happen. And some suggestions that may help get us back on track.

1.) You got your Goals nailed

This is 101% based on my personal experience. You hunger for the results, you labored for it like a mad man (mad woman in my case), you got blown away by the results. And suddenly, you eat whatever, and took a week off from the gym and decided, okay this comfort feels awesome. And before you knew it, the drive to workout is lost.

How to fix it (maybe):

Simplest way to do regain the spark is to set another goal. A step further. Another way is to look for a competition, a friendly competition. Treat it like a game. Am not gonna say anything more but try it. It works.

2.) You don’t believe your goals are real for you.

You look at your fitness inspiration, how she workout tireless everyday, how clean her food is and how she nail those bikini poses and think… “what a lucky girl with awesome genetics”.

This is not entirely me. I am the type of person who challenges norms and enjoy proving that the impossible can be achieved to the point that others think me silly. So this is not my problem. But i know based from my connections that this is one of the aspects that hold many from doing their best at the gym.

Here’s how to fix it (maybe):

Everybody is different but there too are different ways to achieve things and your body is not an exception. Your body is not excepted from the fact that when you follow a diet plan and workout plan for a span of at least 3 months you will 101% see results. YOU ARE NOT EXEMPTED OKAY. PERIOD.

3.) You don’t have a program you believe in.

You got a program for free or probably for the price of a bus fare. In whatever case, it was not that much and you look at it and see it as valuable as the restaurant placemat on a fast food chain. And you question everything in to from the workouts to the rep ranges to the number of sets to rest period.

How to fix it:

We value things based on what we sacrifice for to get it. And there is no other way around this but to purchase a program that “cost money” or from a very famous coach that you respect.

4.) Its been more than 6 months or more and you still see nada results

Putting in the effort without seeing results is a perfect recipe for discouragement. You see everyone making results and you tend to be stuck at the same numbers at the scale of same waistline number and you start to wonder what is wrong.

How to fix it (maybe):

The only reason you are not getting results past 6 months effort is because you never really took it seriously enough. Maybe you’d argue that this isn’t true but, look back at your workout routine, were you really consistent? Take a look at your eating pattern, did you stay true or cheated every 15 mins. Always remember, you are not an exemption. Be serious and consistent and see results.

5.) You have other more important matters and gym time seems to be in the way

This is me. I lost my drive because i dream of my bed when i have free time. I have clients at the gym and i have work and its draining my energy. If you have a demanding job or you have a tight schedule this might be you.

How to fix it (maybe):

Get a workout program, one that you can follow even in your most laziest days. Example, instead of doing 5x a week workout routine hitting different major muscles each day, opt for 3x a week total body. And keep your workout within 1 hour but make it count. Stop waisting time checking your phone at the gym and follow the ideal rest period. Its all about how doable your program is for you.

6.) You don’t enjoy the vibe in your gym

You have bad blood with a member? Have complaints at the gym that was never addressed? You don’t feel the soundtrack if the gym or how their dumbbells look like? These little things might be putting your energy down. Gym time is fun time. Me time. Self care time and the vibes must be good for you. So if the vibes doesn’t suit you then it will discourage you.

How to fix it (maybe)

Find a new gym. Period. If this not possible, get a really good headset and seal yourself with your workout and your music. Try it. It 99% works. You can also talk to the management and maybe they can fix your concerns.

7.) You keep on following our old program and now you got bored

This is me. My old program gave me the body of my dreams and i cannot seem to wanna stir clear from it and in turn, after a year, i am officially not excited anymore

How to fix it (maybe):

Take a one week off and start with your old program with few adjustments. Or get a new program. You can also get new gym clothes or gym buddy. Or start a challenge. This is just boredom kicking in and all we need to do is inject something new. We can do this.

But in whatever case, the most important this is you knew and acknowledge that something is off.

Things like this happen. Its doesn’t make you weak. Just find your way around it. Rest if you must. Take a massage. Restart. Reboot. Find your reasons and find your love.

You can do it. This is a lifestyle. Health is a lifestyle. Keep going.

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