100 Days to Fitness ( Day 8-14)

Hello everybody! Welcome to 100 Days to Fitness Week 2.

The 100 Days to Fitness is my own personal 100 Days commitment to myself and thought it be great to share it with you. It is totally FREE. All you have to do is subscribe to this website so you get automatic update and subscribe to my youtube channel “Joannie Maryc”


  • For faster Fat loss (if you want fat loss), do this as a fasted workout
  • Commit to atleast 3 rounds with maximum of 90 seconds rest for the first week. We can increase the rounds next week or shorten the rest in you think you are ready for that extra challenge.
  • Try not to murder yourself in every workout. But aim to reach your highest intensity as much as possible. Push yourself and allow for just the right amount if rest.
  • Remember to mention or tag @joanniemaryc in your stories or post okay. It will mean the world to me and a great encouragement to other girls who are trying.

So with all that being said, here is our Day 8-14

Day 8: suggestion (3 rounds. Max of 90 seconds rest)

  • 20 sec knee highs
  • 20 sec forearm planks
  • 20 sec jump squats
  • 20 sec jumping jacks
  • 20 sec shoulder taps
  • 20 sec body weight squats

Day 9: suggestion (3 rounds. Max of 90 seconds rest)

  • 20 seconds jumping jacks
  • 20 seconds curtsey lunges
  • 20 second knee highs
  • 60 seconds Romanian twist

Day 10: suggestion (3 rounds. Max of 90 seconds rest)

  • 20 seconds jump split squats
  • 20 seconds pushups
  • 20 seconds shoulder taps
  • 30 seconds plank walkouts
  • 30 seconds burpees

Day 11: This is just one round. If you have treadmill, you can use treadmill

  • 5 minutes easy jog in place
  • 30 seconds mountain climbers
  • 5 minutes
  • burpees as many as you can

Day 12: suggestion (3 rounds. Max of 90 seconds rest)

  • 30 seconds knee highs
  • 30 seconds pushups
  • 30 seconds squats
  • 30 seconds forearm plank holds

Day 13: Rest Day

Day 14: 20 minute easy walk

And thats it for your Week 2: Remember to tag my instagram @joanniemaryc and mention joanniemarycfitness.com for any post you share and that simple act would make me the happiest. Thank you and wish you all the best.

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