Homemade Charcoal Soap

I decided to put only what i can eat on my skin, as much as i can. And i decided to start with soap. In this post am sharing to you an easy melt and pour charcoal soap recipe with only 2 main ingredients  glycerin and activated charcoal.

Lets dive direct to the recipe.

What you need:

400 grams glycerin

1 tbsp activated charcoal

Any material for soap mold (you can use this)

Alcohol in a spray bottle (optional)

tea tree oil (optional)

STEP 1: Cut the glycerin into the tiniest pieces you can patiently manage and melt over extremely low heat. No need to stir. Turn stove off once it starts to melt and leave it be or stir very slowly.

STEP 2: Add in 1 tbsp activated charcoal stirring slowly until fully dissolve. Add 10 drops of tea tree oil (optional).

STEP 3: Pour into your mold. You can spray alcohol first on the mold before pouring your soap. And spray alcohol over your soap to creat that smooth finish

STEP 4: Let it harden and cool and cur to desire pieces. The end.


This is it. Super easy and it does take time to make but you get 100% natural soap without the chemicals. Will test this out myself and share to you how it goes for me. I might be selling the extra too so stay tuned!

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Strongwoman, Powerlifter, Fitness Coach

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