30 day Weight Loss Boot Camp

Are you:

  • Tired of exercising and never losing weight?
  • Been to different diets losing a few pounds then gaining more back?
  • Looking for extra motivation to stick to a workout routine?
  • Seeking for someone to guide you in a healthy weight loss diet?
  • Wanting to join a supportive weight loss community?
  • Looking for an all in one weight loss program that works…?

Great news! This 30 Weight Loss Boot Camp is for you!

Welcome to 30 Day Weight loss Boot Camp, your ultimate 30 day Weight loss program designed for those who are serious on losing some weight this 2019. The program follows the rules an effective weight loss diet and exercise program that are proven and 101% effective with proper execution and real follow through.

30 day Weight loss Bootcamp comes with:

  • Meal plan for weight loss
  • Weight loss coaching by @joanniemaryc
  • 30 day Home workout program
  • Daily check in for diet
  • Daily check in for home workout execution
  • Weekly weight monitoring to ensure success in weight loss by the month end
  • Supportive social media community
  • Basic orientation on the ultimate weightloss Macros, Calories and how to measure your own calori requirement. So you can free to design your own meal plan on point whenever you decide too.
  • Lesson on the most basic principles of fatloss and weightloss. So by the end of the boot camp you’d understand how it all comes together
  • Basic Review on the types of exercise and how they impact fatloss, weightlos and shaping a healthy fit body.
  • After 30 days if you have successfully submitted yourself sincerely to the program, this will become part of you, as a habit, and you be able to keep this as an ulitimate healthy lifestyle change which is the best take away of all.
  • Fitness Brigade Monthly Gym fee
  • Group Workout session with joanniemaryc schedule MWF 6:30 pm

This program is for:

  • Clients who can do beginners level Hiit and circuit exercises. A medical clearance from the doctor is required. If you don’t want to obtain a medical clearance, you have to sign a waiver.
  • Willing to incorporate diet and nutrition. Weight loss is workout and a good diet.
  • Best for those about 5 kilos off their ideal weight. But anyone is welcome, if you feel the urgent need to lose weight.

Things to note:

  • Program duration Nov 18-Dec 17
  • Registration period until Nov 16
  • Max of 12 clients
  • Minimum of 10 clients. When minimum number is not met, program will not proceed.
  • You must be willing to comply to the daily check in schedules
  • @joanniemaryc designs the programs and will personally do the daily check in.

Price: PhP 3,500

I want to Enroll:

To enroll, just fill up the form below and will get back to you for further details and payment options.