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I started with ketogenic diet for weight loss (30 Day Keto Start up Guide). Dropped 10 kilos in about 2 months.

When i hit a weightloss plateau of 57 kilos, i joined weight training with an instructor because I am a total beginner at the gym (one on one personal training).

And since then I introduced controlled carbs to my diet, and to keep myself psychologically excited for keeping myself inline with my meals, I introduced weekly diet breaks and its all exposed here in my Bikini Body Meal Plan.

The progress is amazing if you just focus on what you want and be willing to commit to the sacrifices and endure the effort that has to be paid in full and in advance for the fitness goals you believe you can achieve.

And my style of workout for fatloss, and muscle toning with the added benefit of strength is all logged and reflected in my Bikini Body Workout Plan.

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We all start somewhere and as long as you see it through and be patient with your progress, your desired results will be yours.

The best is yet to come.❤

I will post regularly on this blog about meals, weight loss tips, motivation, exercise, recipes and other stuffs that can help us all our in our journey to wellness. And if you want to get updated with all these topics for free, simply subscribe by entering your email on the subscription button below.

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So happy to vbe part of your fitness life. Sincerely wish you the best in everything you do and set your heart and mind to.

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