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My fat to fit journey, isn’t entirely unique, because many people have done similar and even achieved more! And it just proves that when you are ready to roll up the sleeves and get to work, consistent application of effective and efficient methods will always deliver results.

I started gaining weight after college, from 50 kl on college 2009 to a whooping 69 kl on 2017! 

I wore xl but still couldn’t really accept i was an XL! I’d always thought i was a medium and this frustrated me every time i’d shop for clothes or have my picture taken. Deleted most of my “fat” picture or crop my arm out.

Every year i’d write “lose 5 kl” on my journal for new year’s resolution, and i have been writing that every year for almost 5 years!! I’d even caption it on my instagram feed you want proof. And every year end, i wouldn’t lose weight. I’d even gain a few.

I’ve been dieting, doing some exercise but results were small and slow and very unmotivating. I’d even think… “the world has many scientific breakthroughs… SURELY there is some sort of pill you cant take to transform your body!” I tried MANY THINGS! Including slimming drops, waist trainers and many many more!

Then i stumbled upon 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferris and the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson and it triggered something in me to stop being mediocre with my goals and my life. And that only serious effort get serious results.

So, I bought a weighting scale and started to weight myself daily, something i’d normally never do! The numbers on the weighting scale not only shocked me, but it hurt me and holocaust of negative emotions flood in every time i’d stepped on it and the numbers climb up. But with the words of 4 Hour Body, you can’t fix something you can’t face and you can’t make real progress without close monitoring and measuring. You can’t fly blind. So i kept on.

I started with ketogenic diet for weight loss (Dive Into Keto The Right Way). Dropped 9 kilos in 30 days. It jump started my journey and directed me to where i am now. I am forever grateful for that 30 days.

After 30 days, i tried my very best to “enjoy” workout and started working out daily. I refused to attend to any gyms because i wasn’t confident of my looks or my performance. So i chose to workout silently at home. Consistency is impossible when you are at home as a total beginner who hate working out. And the best consistency i could muster was for 7 days to be very honest.

If you can relate and need help with consistency in working out check out Starting Fitness Workout Challenge.  The challenge is created for anyone who want to start and build the habit of working out. Starting is hard and this helps.

When i started sort ofc enjoying working out, i stepped out of my comfort zone and joined a gym, got weight training instructor (one on one personal training).

I struggled to keep true to my health regimen and diet. And to keep myself excited in staying with my diet & workout, I introduced regular diet breaks, fasting, carb timing and cycling, calori cycling… its sounds complicated and it is…. but it when its in a structured program for “lifestyle adoption”, it isn’t.

Over the years I  have adopted a structured method or guidelines for keeping lean for life! Fitness and health is lifestyle, a forever thing! Which means it must be doable and balanced!

The methods i created have worked for me since 2017 until now! I kept the weight off, and am satisfied of how my body gradually transformed into healthier and younger version and i never felt deprived and i feel “confident”.

And will teach you all of my methods in staying lean all year round while living your life in Bikini Body Lifestyle: 6 Week Project. It’s a lifestyle project, and the methods you apply in the 6 weeks are methods you can use over and over again.

The progress is yours if you start rolling up your sleeves and make it a priority.

My goal is to replicate my results to you, if you are ready. You can make it happen, if you truly want to.

Results are simply consistent application of efficient and effective methods over and over again.

May 2017


Dec 2017
April 2018

We all start somewhere and as long as you see it through and be patient with your progress, your desired results will be yours.

The best is yet to come.❤

I hope this sharing made you decide to work on your health. Because everything is possible and you can truly make magical happenings. Starting is the hardest part, but your health is worth it.

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So happy to be part of your fitness life. Sincerely wish you the best in everything you do and all the things you set your heart and mind to.

Love lots,


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