Exercise Plan for May

“The decent method you follow is better than the perfect method you quit.” ― Timothy Ferriss, The 4-Hour Body Have you red my April 2018 Workout Plan? It appears that it was too much because i was not able to follow it! I sincerely apologize. Spartans Sprint will be on June. on August, i will join power liftingContinue reading “Exercise Plan for May”

Personal Tips for a Successful Intermittent Fast

Yes am doing intermittent fast. I try to do it daily, but since my caloric needs are way over the roof for the trainings am in (Spartans and Power-lifting) and my stomach can only accommodate soooo much, its no longer possible. Personal Experience: Intermittent Fast made me leaner, made me perform better in my workoutsContinue reading “Personal Tips for a Successful Intermittent Fast”

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up feeling better

It’s minutes pass midnight and am sipping blue pea tea. It’s given by Raisa, an amazing person who does yoga acrobats and does dead-lifts twice her weight. This tea, reminds me of her. Not that they have something in common, her and the tea, its just that, she loved it a lot and i endedContinue reading “And maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up feeling better”

@Joanniemaryc’s Bikini Body Meal Plan

This meal plan is tailored from what i eat when am on toning and weight-loss mode. So basically we’d be eating roughly the same stuffs! If you’re down with that, this meal plan is good for you. A word of warning: This is a bit boring as my meals repeat itself. But it is veryContinue reading “@Joanniemaryc’s Bikini Body Meal Plan”

My Top 3 Personal Tips for Weight Loss

After posting the before and after shots of me weight 67 kilos and 55 kilos from August 1 2017 to Dec 3 2017 i received a lot of messages about how i did it. Thank you for the love and for the trust. This post is not from an experts view point. It’s  from aContinue reading “My Top 3 Personal Tips for Weight Loss”

Wednesday workout routine glute focused

Sharing to you my glute focused workout routine that I plan to make it every Wednesday. My new workout plan is due on April 1 and this is one I plan to incorporate. But of course with tweaks and you are free to suggest some glute workout that you think is awesome. Anyways so hereContinue reading “Wednesday workout routine glute focused”

Lifting Heavy And Why do it

The moment i post videos of me lifting heavy, i knew i was gonna get applauses and precautions. But all were, i understand, out of love. I have been lifting for some time now. Started in September 2017 with a gym instructor, Mike Supremo at Balbonkbons Fitness Gym, because that’s just the best way toContinue reading “Lifting Heavy And Why do it”

Creamy Cabbage Soup

If you think any recipe with more than 5 steps is too complicated, well, high five love! Same here! This is a low carb soup. Yes its keto friendly and super easy to do. Ingredients: 3 strips bacon 3 pieces red bell pepper (minced) 1 tablespoon onion powder 250 ml – 350 all purpose creamContinue reading “Creamy Cabbage Soup”