Do not eat broken Fat

Human cells are made up of 45% saturated fat. Hence the macro percentage for fat in most diet plans hovers around that percentage. Fats has garnered some bad rap in this century due to trans fats which is just one type of fat and is found is processed foods. Naturally occurring fats is good forContinue reading “Do not eat broken Fat”

Shirataki Noodles an honest review

Lately i have been struggling to keep to my macros. I do well with a low carb diet and ketoish diet but i have not been keeping true to it lately thus my weight scale swam up to alarming numbers. Partly because i ate anything and hugely because i am gluten sensitive and have veryContinue reading “Shirataki Noodles an honest review”

How to Gain Fat, so you know how to avoid it

photo from In this post, i will summarize to you all my understanding about how to  gain fat and by doing so, we will have a better take on our road losing fat. 1.) Eating processed foods. Refined carbs, transfat, and added sugars, trigger fat storage even when they have same calories compared toContinue reading “How to Gain Fat, so you know how to avoid it”

My own diet, workout, rest and supplementation

This is just a very quick post on my style of taking on diet, workout, rest and supplementation, the 4 pillars of body shaping and conditioning. 1.) Diet For diet i do intermittent fasting, carb cycling, calori cycling and carb timing and of course, macro ratio. My intermittent fast is 12 noon -8pm eating window.Continue reading “My own diet, workout, rest and supplementation”

A Sample One day meals when on a Ketogenic diet

So we got a handful of messages asking about ketogenic diet; is it expensive, is it doable/survivable, and is it healthy? (and photo above is from Keto as you all most likely know is a diet high in fat. But what most people fail to consider is that keto is also very low carb andContinue reading “A Sample One day meals when on a Ketogenic diet”

Tips to Keep in Mind when on a Diet Plan

Hello ladies and a few gentlemen who purchased my Bikini Body Meal Plan. The mealplan is for females but is alright for men but with some adjustments like the calorie max daily. A 1,300 cals a day normally renders a slight energy deficit for most women who are sedentary, and some active girls but haveContinue reading “Tips to Keep in Mind when on a Diet Plan”

Simple Basics of Macros

What are Macros? Macros stands for your Macro nutrients. Meaning the nutrients your body needs in huge bulk. These are fats, protein and carbohydrates. On the other hand, micro nutrients are the ones your body needs in minute amount like vitamins and minerals. Not an expert but this is what i know: You can readContinue reading “Simple Basics of Macros”

Should Girls drink Whey Protein Powder Supplements?

Am gonna answer this question in a subjective manner. From my own personal thoughts and how i apply it to myself. Feel free to comment your answer to the question down below. Do i drink whey protein? and Why? Yes. Whey protein powders are a regular in my expense list because i track my macros,Continue reading “Should Girls drink Whey Protein Powder Supplements?”