Bikini Body Workout Plan

A workout plan patterned after my own personal routine for TONING and FAT LOSS. It is a complete system of workouts including cardio (HIIT & LISS) together with gym workouts. A word of warning: This workout plan works. I’ve tested it time and time again. Just follow the workout timing, supplement tips and pair it withContinue reading “Bikini Body Workout Plan”

@Joanniemaryc’s Bikini Body Meal Plan

This meal plan is tailored from what i eat when am on toning and weight-loss mode. So basically we’d be eating roughly the same stuffs! If you’re down with that, this meal plan is good for you. A word of warning: This is a bit boring as my meals repeat itself. But it is veryContinue reading “@Joanniemaryc’s Bikini Body Meal Plan”