Personal Tips for a Successful Intermittent Fast

Yes am doing intermittent fast. I try to do it daily, but since my caloric needs are way over the roof for the trainings am in (Spartans and Power-lifting) and my stomach can only accommodate soooo much, its no longer possible. Personal Experience: Intermittent Fast made me leaner, made me perform better in my workoutsContinue reading “Personal Tips for a Successful Intermittent Fast”

Starting Intermittent Fast

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it’s a schedule of when to eat and not to eat. They call it fasting windows and re-feeding/feeding windows. I am doing this for the month of September to crush my weight plateau and to aid me in hitting my ultimate weight goal, 55 kilos.  How I do itContinue reading “Starting Intermittent Fast”