Shirataki Noodles an honest review

Lately i have been struggling to keep to my macros. I do well with a low carb diet and ketoish diet but i have not been keeping true to it lately thus my weight scale swam up to alarming numbers. Partly because i ate anything and hugely because i am gluten sensitive and have veryContinue reading “Shirataki Noodles an honest review”

A Sample One day meals when on a Ketogenic diet

So we got a handful of messages asking about ketogenic diet; is it expensive, is it doable/survivable, and is it healthy? (and photo above is from Keto as you all most likely know is a diet high in fat. But what most people fail to consider is that keto is also very low carb andContinue reading “A Sample One day meals when on a Ketogenic diet”

Creamy Cabbage Soup

If you think any recipe with more than 5 steps is too complicated, well, high five love! Same here! This is a low carb soup. Yes its keto friendly and super easy to do. Ingredients: 3 strips bacon 3 pieces red bell pepper (minced) 1 tablespoon onion powder 250 ml – 350 all purpose creamContinue reading “Creamy Cabbage Soup”

Pan Cooked Keto-Friendly Pizza

I love pizza…everybody loves pizza. But since I was on ketogenic diet I could not afford sabbotage it with the crust. For the love of pizza ❤ I google some keto friendly recipe and here is what I got. Usually made this on Sundays with a tub of ice cream in hand watching netflix 😂.Continue reading “Pan Cooked Keto-Friendly Pizza”

Meaty Cabbage with Mozarella

I made up the name because I forgot this recipe’s real name. Got it somewhere in the internet and i’ve been cooking this when an occassion calls for a simple, keto friendly meal. Ingredients: 1/2 kilo grind pork 4 strips bacon 1 medium head cabbage (chopped thinly) 60 grams mozzarella cheese handful of parmesan cheeseContinue reading “Meaty Cabbage with Mozarella”

Ketogenic Diet and Weight Training and my Shocking Personal Experience

I think these two are a match made in heaven. Keto drops your weight fast while preserving lean mass aaaannd, in my personal experience, you get to lift heavier weights and recover faster! Carbs before lifting heavy. True? Though there are recommendations that says eat some carbs before training, this did not work well forContinue reading “Ketogenic Diet and Weight Training and my Shocking Personal Experience”

How I started my Ketogenic Diet

I read about bulletproof coffee–you know, the coffee with butter? Haven’t heard of it? Well, you haven’t google enough diet related stuff on the internet. The idea of this coffee is to stimulate metabolism with caffeine and increase your fat intake so you can come into ketogenic state which is the goal of a ketogenicContinue reading “How I started my Ketogenic Diet”