Why we (sometimes) lose the motivation to Workout

We all have those days when we crave and get frustrated when we miss a workout session. And on the flip side, there are undeniable days when have to drag yourself to the gym and when you’re finally there, the spark to finish your last set isn’t lighting up anymore. You cut your session inContinue reading “Why we (sometimes) lose the motivation to Workout”

If You’re having a hard time sticking to a fitness lifestyle, i feel you…

Hello, everyone, sorry for always saying am gonna post weekly and end up posting once a month. Just a few nights sleep and its June, the start of the second half of 2019. Hopefully, i can  at least commit to posting once a week for you. One of the factors that stop me from postingContinue reading “If You’re having a hard time sticking to a fitness lifestyle, i feel you…”

Tips to Keep in Mind when on a Diet Plan

Hello ladies and a few gentlemen who purchased my Bikini Body Meal Plan. The mealplan is for females but is alright for men but with some adjustments like the calorie max daily. A 1,300 cals a day normally renders a slight energy deficit for most women who are sedentary, and some active girls but haveContinue reading “Tips to Keep in Mind when on a Diet Plan”

Feeling Good, and other tips to help you nail your Body Goals

This is post for girls, mostly, so dudes you are free to skip and move on. Am writing this because i love you and  you asked for tips how to keep strict with meal plans and workout routines. And to all girls who have availed of my Bikini Body Meal Plan and workout plan, iContinue reading “Feeling Good, and other tips to help you nail your Body Goals”

Tips on Starting out your Fitness Journey

One of culprit why people fail their fitness goals is the simple fact that they haven’t really started at all. Putting on shoes and heading out to the gym or for a jog because you woke up feeling sky rocket high enthusiastic does not count as signing up for a fitness journey. “Okay. Today, ammaContinue reading “Tips on Starting out your Fitness Journey”

Fitness Journals and How It can help you

Always plan to post weekly here but can’t keep up. Sorry. Anyways, for all those new to this blog, welcome! This blog started out when i was overweight and fat and not very fit (i die just by jogging) was in the weight-loss journey. Feel free to scan to the archives and see my earlyContinue reading “Fitness Journals and How It can help you”

And maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up feeling better

It’s minutes pass midnight and am sipping blue pea tea. It’s given by Raisa, an amazing person who does yoga acrobats and does dead-lifts twice her weight. This tea, reminds me of her. Not that they have something in common, her and the tea, its just that, she loved it a lot and i endedContinue reading “And maybe, just maybe, you’ll end up feeling better”

My Top 3 Personal Tips for Weight Loss

After posting the before and after shots of me weight 67 kilos and 55 kilos from August 1 2017 to Dec 3 2017 i received a lot of messages about how i did it. Thank you for the love and for the trust. This post is not from an experts view point. It’s  from aContinue reading “My Top 3 Personal Tips for Weight Loss”

Lifting Heavy And Why do it

The moment i post videos of me lifting heavy, i knew i was gonna get applauses and precautions. But all were, i understand, out of love. I have been lifting for some time now. Started in September 2017 with a gym instructor, Mike Supremo at Balbonkbons Fitness Gym, because that’s just the best way toContinue reading “Lifting Heavy And Why do it”