Shirataki Noodles an honest review

Lately i have been struggling to keep to my macros. I do well with a low carb diet and ketoish diet but i have not been keeping true to it lately thus my weight scale swam up to alarming numbers. Partly because i ate anything and hugely because i am gluten sensitive and have veryContinue reading “Shirataki Noodles an honest review”

How to Gain Fat, so you know how to avoid it

photo from In this post, i will summarize to you all my understanding about how to  gain fat and by doing so, we will have a better take on our road losing fat. 1.) Eating processed foods. Refined carbs, transfat, and added sugars, trigger fat storage even when they have same calories compared toContinue reading “How to Gain Fat, so you know how to avoid it”

Tips on Starting out your Fitness Journey

One of culprit why people fail their fitness goals is the simple fact that they haven’t really started at all. Putting on shoes and heading out to the gym or for a jog because you woke up feeling sky rocket high enthusiastic does not count as signing up for a fitness journey. “Okay. Today, ammaContinue reading “Tips on Starting out your Fitness Journey”

Fitness Journals and How It can help you

Always plan to post weekly here but can’t keep up. Sorry. Anyways, for all those new to this blog, welcome! This blog started out when i was overweight and fat and not very fit (i die just by jogging) was in the weight-loss journey. Feel free to scan to the archives and see my earlyContinue reading “Fitness Journals and How It can help you”

My Top 3 Personal Tips for Weight Loss

After posting the before and after shots of me weight 67 kilos and 55 kilos from August 1 2017 to Dec 3 2017 i received a lot of messages about how i did it. Thank you for the love and for the trust. This post is not from an experts view point. It’s  from aContinue reading “My Top 3 Personal Tips for Weight Loss”