My own diet, workout, rest and supplementation

This is just a very quick post on my style of taking on diet, workout, rest and supplementation, the 4 pillars of body shaping and conditioning. 1.) Diet For diet i do intermittent fasting, carb cycling, calori cycling and carb timing and of course, macro ratio. My intermittent fast is 12 noon -8pm eating window.Continue reading “My own diet, workout, rest and supplementation”

So today was leg day!

So today was leg day! I look forward to dying on a leg day & well… got what I wished for!!! Damn!!! . We didn’t do any PRs, those were just weights we left off before the holidays. I got to admit quad training is nasty! Those weighted walking lunges…leg extensions with burn set…(ihateburnset!!! butContinue reading “So today was leg day!”