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No matter how perfect a program is, only when there is consistent application over time will it makes results. Joining our Online Fitness Challenges is one of the most effective way to get you some added motivation and discipline to do what needs to be done.

We have made thousands of amazing transformation ALL OVER THE WORLD since we started this in 2021! The program is proven to be effective, very efficient, simple and RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED because we follow basic truths about fitness and health that has been made complicated by the industry to make you spend more time and more money on your transformation.

Physical transformation is only a bonus. Real transformation is a change of lifestyle and an understanding of basic truths.


My transformation. IF I CAN YOU CAN TOO! All my programs are for successful duplication of my transformation to you.

Step up and claim your transformation for a better version of yourself.

  • Stop wasting money on diet programs that are complicated & expensive!
  • Our diet guide is simple, easy to prepare and are available on your local wet market! You will also learn the basic of healthy eating as a lifestyle which is surprisingly simple, very doable and affordable!
  • Stop spending money on exercise programs that are complicated, limited & inaccessible over a period of time and takes hours, and doesn’t deliver result!
  • Exercise should be simple, doable and effective and short! Not hours long. And it should be something you can do at your level of fitness to safely make progress.
  • You will get not only weightloss, fatloss, but an overall change in health, habits and understanding. An over all lifestyle change. A wholistic transformation for the better.

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joanniemarycfitness is created for anyone determined to make their own transformation through SIMPLE & DOABLE scientific based methods that have been proven time and time again by myself and by “millions” of people all over the world to deliver results.

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