Online Coaching

Online Coaching is one of the most effective ways to nail fitness results aside from personal training where i get to really observe and adjust your workouts and/ or meals as i see fit. Only take this option, however, if you are willing to open up to me honestly with:

  • your daily meal monitoring (if applicable)
  • daily weight monitoring (if applicable)
  • daily workout routine implementation (if applicable)
  • weekly mirror check (if applicable)
  • weekly body measurements (if applicable) and the likes.

This comes with:

  • Custom Meal plan based on your goals and body type and food preference
  • Custom Workout plan based on your goals, equipment and fitness level.
  • Weekly adjustment in meals if need be.
  • Weekly adjustment in workout plan if need be.

Price: PhP 5,500

Overview of Online coaching flow:

  1. I will design a custom meal plan and workout plan for you which will  be the basis of the entire month of online coaching.
  2. You will receive instructions to daily or weekly monitoring requirements.
  3. Will asses results every week and make adjustments if need be on a weekly basis.

The duration is one month and the results will be reliant on compliance to the fitness plans and honesty of monitoring.

If you are determined to take this route, here is how you can avail.

  1. Pay to the following payment options.
  2. Send photo proof of payment with the subject “Online Coaching”
  3. And will send you instructions and online forms to fill up.

Important notes:

We only accept 5 slots for online coaching and it will start every first Monday of the month for day 1.

For inquiries, fill up the form below.